A-1604 cryopreserved in October 2022

A-1604, a 53-year-old neuro cryopreservation member, was cryopreserved in October 2022. Cryoprotection was carried out in Oregon and the patient transported to Alcor on dry ice.

Alcor’s 200th patient was received in September 2022

A long-time US-based Alcor member was cryopreserved in September 2022. The member was transported back to Alcor on dry ice.

A-3570 cryopreserved in September 2022

A-3570, a 45-year-old neuro cryopreservation member, was cryopreserved in September 2022. Field cryoprotection was carried out in California and the patient was transported back to Alcor on dry ice.

A-3563 cryopreserved in August 2022

A-3563, a 68-year-old whole body cryopreservation member from California, was cryopreserved in August 2022. The standby team was able to start procedures shortly after pronouncement. A blood washout was done in California and the patient transported on water ice to Alcor for cryoprotectant perfusion and cool down.

A-3450 cryopreserved August 2022

A-3450, a 67-year-old neuro cryopreservation member from Virginia, was cryopreserved in August 2022. Due to little notice to deploy, the team arrived several hours after pronouncement. The abbreviated medication protocol was used and perfusion of the brain carried out. The patient was transported on dry ice to Alcor.

A-2821 cryopreserved August 2022

A-2821, a 78-year-old whole body cryopreservation member, was cryopreserved in August 2022. The patient was pronounced with the full standby team at the bedside. Medications were given and brain cryoprotection was carried out in South Dakota. A-2821 became Alcor’s 196th patient.

New issue of Cryonics! Case report, economic dematerialization, record caseload analysis, the math of infinite survival, and more

Don’t miss out on the fourth quarter 2022 issue of Cryonics magazine. Alcor co-founder Linda Chamberlain’s report informs us about member A-3434, a 90-year-old, starting 99 days before legal death, and covering assessment and pre-deployment, preparation, and deployment, standby and stabilization, field surgery and cryoprotectant perfusion, transport, and cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature. The report includes CT scan results and a discussion of issues arising without shying away from confronting what could have gone better.

In “Our Recent Heavy Caseload: How Often Can We Expect This?”, Mike Perry looks at the tight clustering over a recent four-month period in which we had nine human cases (and several pets too). His analysis suggests that the clustering we have seen should not be happening for on the order of a century. So, what explains this challenging case load?

Max More continues his Getting Better series of articles by looking at “Peak Stuff: The Dematerialization of the Economy.” Many anti-life extensionists believe that the future is grim due to worsening pollution and reduced resources. Adding to previous contrary evidence, Max shows that the most advanced economies appear to be starting to use fewer resources and have less environmental impact. This has been true for decades considered relative to population but now is happening absolutely. Arm yourself with this information for the next time you talk to a future-doomster.

In “A Mathematical Model of Infinite Survival”, Mike Perry looks at the problem of the long-term preservation of information.

You will also find updated membership stats, and the usual reports from the front line in the fight against aging.

Revival Update surveys the news and research to report on new developments that bring us closer to the revival of cryonics patients. One example is the recent Yale-developed technology that restored cell and organ function in pigs after death (by the usual standard). Another is that of computer-in-memory chips, which bring us closer to bringing AI directly to our devices rather than needing to shuttle data to the cloud for computation.

Read the issue

Talk: Cryonics as Plan A

Talk from the Alcor-50 conference now available:

Some life extension enthusiasts don’t expect to need cryonics because they believe that aging will be conquered in their lifetime. Max More argues that this is an unwise assumption. Hope has been high in life extension for decades and yet no major progress has yet been made. We do not know when major advances in life extension will be made. Nor can any of us know whether we might be killed expectedly. Cryonics should be your plan A, not B.

Job Opening: Chief Executive Officer

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is accepting resumes for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This person will have overall responsibility for all of Alcor’s business activities at the Scottsdale facility and at all locations where these activities take place, including staffing, facilities, supplies, equipment, and finances to carry out these activities. This person will set yearly goals with the Alcor Board of Directors (Board) and report to the Board quarterly on accomplishments and milestones. The CEO will consult with and receive direction from the Board regarding major issues and decisions. The CEO’s operations, activities, and responsibilities include managing and overseeing the following:

  1. Patient Maintenance: Maintaining patients in appropriate cryonic storage conditions according to Alcor operating procedures, with zero deviation from Alcor-allowed tolerances; monitoring storage conditions to provide adequate warning of possible deviation from allowed tolerances; providing adequate backup of equipment, supplies, staff, and services to prevent any such deviation.
  2. Standby, Stabilization, and Transport: Managing and working closely with the Medical Response Director (MRD) in responding appropriately to member potential life- threatening situations or deaths per direction from the Deployment Committee. This includes being prepared for such deployments with adequately trained staff, equipment, and supplies, and establishing agreements where necessary with outside organizations (such as Suspended Animation and Interational Cryomedicine Experts), physicians, paramedics, EMT’s, etc., as necessary. It also includes coordinating volunteers who may assist with standby, stabilization, and transport and establishing relationships with hospitals, hospices organizations, funeral directors, etc.
  3. Cryopreservations: Overseeing the carrying out of cryopreservations of members with the highest possible quality according to Alcor procedures and member documented wishes, and transitioning members into patient maintenance.
  4. Fundraising: Engaging with the Alcor community and interested thought leaders to bring resources to Alcor, the Patient Care trust, the Endowment, the Research fund, and other projects that benefit the advancement of cryonics.
  5. Research: Working with the Research Committee to prioritize and oversee projects related to research and development in cryonics. These projects can include development efforts for equipment in the Alco facility, reviews of previous cases, funding third party projects in the cryobiology space, or anything else deemed important to the advancement of the science or practice of cryonics.
  6. Documentation: Documenting all Alcor member standby, stabilization, transport, and cryopreservation activities, primarily through case reports and Salesforce member database updates completed and/or published within 90 days of cryopreservation completion. It also includes documenting deployments which did not result in cryopreservation, actively maintaining and updating a complete “watch list” with
    information about members at near-term risk of requiring standby, and inquiring of members at least yearly in order to update their cryonics-pertinent medical information.
  7. Membership Activities: Managing prospect and member inquiries and member sign-up and support process and all related documentation, and maintaining and updating the Salesforce member database as well as all membership paper files. Also included is producing membership reports as requested by the Board and other staff, and providing membership statistics for regular periodic reports and for Alcor News.
  8. Finance and Accounting: Managing finance and accounting functions and reporting as they relate to operational activities, budgeting, and forecasting, and managing the Controller functions as they relate to these activities. (Operational finance and accounting is differentiated from Treasury functions, which manage investments and liaise regarding Alcor Care Trust activities.)
  9. All Building(s) and Facilities leased by Alcor
  10. Organizing, staffing and managing personnel to carry out operational activities, and developing, documenting, and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs on the Alcor Wiki) for all operations activities.
  11. Representing Alcor: In consultation with the Board, acting as the spokesperson, or designating someone to act as a spokesperson for Alcor to the media, public officials, or other people and organizations seeking information or official statements from Alcor, and at conferences and other outside gatherings.

Minimum job qualifications:

  • Regular Alcor cryopreservation membership and a demonstrable understanding of and long-term commitment to cryonics philosophy and principles
  • Basic understanding of Alcor’s history, structure, and operations, and basic understanding of cryonics technology and the cryopreservation process from standby to patient maintenance
  • Basic understanding of business operations principles and processes, including sales, fundraising, finance and accounting, legal, human resources, information technology, and asset management
  • At least three years of successful management experience in a commercial or non-profit organization, with direct responsibility for staff, budget, and management of some aspect of operations

Desirable qualifications:

  • Long-term Alcor membership
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in a business, medical, or life sciences field
  • Working experience in a medical related field
  • Fundraising experience, preferably in a non-profit

Send resume and cover letter to: 

Max More talks cryonics on Theo Von podcast

A huge number of people still haven’t even heard about cryonics. Most of those who have understand little about it. I was therefore pleased when Theo Von invited me onto his podcast. His episodes bring between 250,000 and 1.6 million views. Theo has over 400 podcasts and you can find his standup special on Netflix.

We had a good chat, covering a wide range of issues around cryonics, over almost two hours. That amount of time meant we could cover a lot of ground. Within a few days of the podcast coming out, we had a tour from a person living in the Phoenix area who said he saw the podcast and had to come and take the tour.

(679) Dr. Max More | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #404