Introducing Cryobios

A Cryobio is a recently coined term referring to text provided by public members for publication before they are cryopreserved. These differ from the biographies of still-living members although they may be constructed from the text of a regular biography if the member or their family has not provided text.

We encourage members to provide Cryobio text in advance since they may wish to include different information than they would in a living biography. For instance, members may want to include more genealogical information in a Cryobio, or publicly express wishes for revival. Once we have the long-planned Member Portal set up, members will be able to easily supply Alcor with text both for Cryobios and regular Member Bios. The Cryobio will be linked to the List of Patients.

Member Profile: Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong’s member profile from Cryonics September 2014 has been added to the website.

Part of the growing constituency of life extension advocates and activists in British Columbia, Carrie Wong splashed into cryonics head first upon learning about it when she attended a meeting of the Lifespan Society of British Columbia at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the fall of 2012.

“It was an extremely enlightening evening and I made up my mind at that moment that I would attend Lifespan Society meetings,” Carrie says. “The concept of cryonics clicked for me immediately.”

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Member/Patient Profile: Hal Finney

Hal Finney

We are in the process of adding more Member Profiles to the website from back issues of Cryonics magazine. Hal Finney’s Member Profile from Cryonics, 2nd Quarter 2019, is actually a Patient Profile — Hal was cryopreserved in 2014.

Hal, who had cryopreservation arrangements with the Alcor Foundation for over 20 years, was Bitcoin’s earliest-ever adopter. He was the very first debugger and contributor to Bitcoin’s code and was the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction in January 2009, receiving 10 bitcoins from Bitcoin’s possibly pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Prior to that, Hal was a lead developer on several console games; graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a BS in engineering; was a noted cryptographic activist, including running the first cryptographically based anonymous remailer; and in 2004 created the first reusable proof of work system before Bitcoin.

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