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A-3563 cryopreserved in August 2022

A-3563, a 68-year-old whole body cryopreservation member from California, was cryopreserved in August 2022. The standby team was able to start procedures shortly after pronouncement. A blood washout was done in California and the patient transported on water ice to Alcor for cryoprotectant perfusion and cool down.

A-3450 cryopreserved August 2022

A-3450, a 67-year-old neuro cryopreservation member from Virginia, was cryopreserved in August 2022. Due to little notice to deploy, the team arrived several hours after pronouncement. The abbreviated medication protocol was used and perfusion of the brain carried out. The patient was transported on dry ice to Alcor.

A-2821 cryopreserved August 2022

A-2821, a 78-year-old whole body cryopreservation member, was cryopreserved in August 2022. The patient was pronounced with the full standby team at the bedside. Medications were given and brain cryoprotection was carried out in South Dakota. A-2821 became Alcor’s 196th patient.

New issue of Cryonics! Case report, economic dematerialization, record caseload analysis, the math of infinite survival, and more

Don’t miss out on the fourth quarter 2022 issue of Cryonics magazine. Alcor co-founder Linda Chamberlain’s report informs us about member A-3434, a 90-year-old, starting 99 days before legal death, and covering assessment and pre-deployment, preparation, and deployment, standby and stabilization, field surgery and cryoprotectant perfusion, transport, and cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature. The report […]

Talk: Cryonics as Plan A

Talk from the Alcor-50 conference now available: Some life extension enthusiasts don’t expect to need cryonics because they believe that aging will be conquered in their lifetime. Max More argues that this is an unwise assumption. Hope has been high in life extension for decades and yet no major progress has yet been made. We […]

Max More talks cryonics on Theo Von podcast

A huge number of people still haven’t even heard about cryonics. Most of those who have understand little about it. I was therefore pleased when Theo Von invited me onto his podcast. His episodes bring between 250,000 and 1.6 million views. Theo has over 400 podcasts and you can find his standup special on Netflix. […]

A-1132 became Alcor’s 195th patient in July 2022

A-1132, a whole body cryopreservation member, was pronounced legally deceased in July 2022 in California. Suspended Animation, Inc. performed a standby and blood washout. SA transported the patient to Alcor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cryoprotectant perfusion was successfully completed.