Independent Cryonics Educators

Join the Alcor Referral Program!

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is excited to work with you through The Independent Cryonics Educators program (ICE). The ICE program is open to all approved participants. It DOES NOT require the approved participant to be an Alcor member to participate and receive the referral fee. Approved applicants will be required to sign an ICE participant (‘Ambassador’) agreement and to provide a W9.

Once registered, you will receive a referral code that can be used to give potential members a discount and 50% off their first-year dues will be paid to you!

ICE Discount and payment structure:

ICE referrals table
More information can be found here: ICE Discount Codes and Compensation.

Approval for participation may be withheld at Alcor’s sole discretion and once approved, approval may be revoked by Alcor for any reason subject only to any verified and approved outstanding payment obligations. Participation and payment are subject to all related terms and conditions, including a waiting period for any dues paid via credit card or means that may result in a ‘charge-back’ or ‘check-hold’ period. Participants in the program are not agents of and may not speak on behalf of Alcor as an Alcor official and are solely responsible for complying with any regulatory or legal requirements related to their referral efforts and for paying taxes on any renumeration received related to participation in the program.