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Alcor Foundation’s Fee-for-Referral Program

The Independent Cryonics Educators program (ICE) is a referral program. Once registered, you will receive a referral code that can be used to give potential members a discount and 50% of their first-year dues will be paid to you!

ICE Discount and payment structure:

ICE referrals table
More information can be found here: ICE Discount Codes and Compensation.

The goal of the ICE program is to spread recognition of the potential of cryonics to save lives and advance preservation research.

ICE lessons are offered for those who want to become effective educators and advocates for cryonics. ICE Ambassadors will be able to effectively explain to anyone why cryonics is an essential asset to be considered.  This will boost membership growth, thereby benefiting everyone, including the ICE Ambassadors.

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