Privacy Policy

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation strongly upholds its policy to respect the privacy of Alcor’s members when requested to do so. We pride ourselves in celebrating 40 years of providing unparalleled service to Alcor members, part of which includes our promise to protect the privacy and security of each individual’s identity, if it is that member’s wish to remain anonymous. Consequently Alcor cannot legally or ethically comment on arrangements for cryopreservation made by members and/or their next of kin.

Additional Policy Issues

Alcor is committed to the research, development, and application of medical procedures that may enable the preservation of brain structure and chemistry with optimal fidelity after legal death. Our primary objective is to achieve cryopreservation with minimal injury.

Alcor does not in any way endorse, promote or participate in any aspect of human cloning or similar use of genetic material. Alcor does not under any circumstances sell or trade any genetic material, organs, or body parts. Such commercial activities could be a violation of federal law, would be inappropriate for a nonprofit organization, and would be contrary to the wishes of our members.

All cryopatients under Alcor’s care are accepted under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. Alcor conforms with all provisions of the Act, and complies with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.