CBS News: Cryonics: Putting your future plans for life on ice

CBS News on November 28 ran an article with video featuring Max More on Cryonics: Putting your future plans for life on ice.

Recent media about Alcor and cryonics

On April 26, Alcor welcomed YouTube interviewer David Allen to Alcor. David’s show, Abnormal Voyages, spotlights “the more unique and unusual places that people may not have heard of before”. David’s goal is to be both educational and entertaining. I found him pleasant and fun as an interviewer. The results reflect that. Hopefully, this video will reach a new audience. Check it out!

A New Tomorrow – (Exploring Cryonics with The Alcor Life Extension Foundation)

Some other recent news stories of interest:

“The Weird History of Cryonics, or Freezing People to Bring Them Back to Life in the Future”, by Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe, April 28, 2021

“Not so sci-fi: Could humans harness cryonics?”, by Chloe Tenn. Mancunion, April 30, 2021.

–Max More, Alcor Ambassador & President Emeritus

Close Up Radio Spotlights Cryonics Expert R. Michael Perry PhD

Alcor Care Services Manager R. Michael Perry, PhD, gave a 30-minute interview on Close Up Radio on February 18. It is available on the web at

Russian News Outlet RT Interviews Max More

Article with 26-minute video:

Time of death? Whenever you decide! Futurist pitches cryopreservation to RT – mostly for people with a ‘sense of adventure’

Alcor in Imagine Beyond mini-documentary

A new documentary that strongly features Alcor was released on YouTube on December 28. Imagine Beyond: Who Wants to Live Forever? allows us to present some of the case for cryonics, bolstered by good filming and supportive comments from others about life extension. It’s unfortunate that the description uses inappropriate terms such as “forever” and “eternal life’. Even so, this is a positive 15-minute piece. Just two days after release, it already has almost 300,000 views.

Filmed at Alcor in November, the production was complicated by the pandemic which meant only one videographer on location, with the producer and director talking to her and to interview Max More via video from England. Thanks to Anna Spelman for shouldering the burden of filming and pulling it off with excellence.

Documentary on YouTube.

Netflix Documentary: Hope Frozen

An English language version of the Netflix documentary Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice was released September 15, based on the 2015 Alcor cryopreservation of a 2-year-old Thai girl with brain cancer. A trailer can be found here:

The documentary has received quite a bit of press coverage:

And the website for Cinemaholic ran several articles about where the principal players in the documentary are today:

Yahoo News posts ABC TV Tampa video about Alcor

Pet owners are freezing their dead pets hoping science will bring them back to life.”

Note at the end that they got the cost wrong on cryopreserving pets (they gave the cost for cryopreserving a whole-body human).

Should I FREEZE MYSELF when I die? Katee Sackhoff tours Alcor on YouTube.

Katee Sackhoff, an actress best known for her starring role in the TV series Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009), toured Alcor on February 7, 2020. She states: “Follow me as I get a fascinating tour of a real-life cryonics facility, with real-life (currently dead) frozen bodies in it. You can decide for yourself if cryonics lands more in the realm of science or fiction. There has been some definite controversy around this subject and I’m not here to promote it one way or the other.”

Many of us at Alcor thought this was a particularly excellent presentation overall. You can view it here:

CNET covers Alcor

CNET posted an article and a photo gallery about Alcor today:

Article with video: “Cryonics, brain preservation and the weird science of cheating death.”

Photo Gallery: “Frozen in time: Inside the facility preserving the dead through cryonics.”