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Job Opening: Chief Executive Officer

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is accepting resumes for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This person will have overall responsibility for all of Alcor’s business activities at the Scottsdale facility and at all locations where these activities take place, including staffing, facilities, supplies, equipment, and finances to carry out these activities. This person will […]

Link Roundup 8/12

We’re very proud of our patient care bay, but of course we think about a future in which many thousands of patients are under our care. Turns out there are others thinking about this same future, and so you might enjoy this article on Timeship, an ambitious project intended to be a Noah’s Ark to […]

Cryonics Survey

Melanie Swan is doing a cryonics survey for members of existing cryonics organizations and supporters for an upcoming scholarly publication. It takes around 15 minutes to complete. If you are interested in taking the survey, click on the following link: Cryonics Survey