December 2, 2006, Board Meeting Results

For quite some time Alcor has accepted life insurance policies naming Alcor as the owner and beneficiary. Since insurance companies in countries outside the United States often are not willing to name a US organization as the policy owner, the Alcor Board of Directors on December 2, 2006, approved a life insurance funding option for residents of the United Kingdom and other countries outside the United States, with the following stipulations:
– Alcor is named the beneficiary.
– There should either be no collateral assignees, or Alcor must be named as the assignee.
– The policy is placed in absolute trust.
– A minimum of one Alcor representative is named as a Trustee.
– The Death Benefit (or Sum Assured) is permanently maintained equal to or in excess of the Suspension Minimum, in equivalent United States Dollars.
– Alcor is to be notified if policy lapses.
– Premium is paid current.

Alcor requires a copy of the policy, Policy Schedule, stamped Trust Request Form (must be Absolute Trust), and stamped Deed (naming Alcor as an additional Trustee).

2006 Membership Growth

Ten memberships were approved in December, with seventeen cancellations processed (14 members were cancelled for non-payment of membership fees). The year of 2006 ended with a 3.5% annual growth rate, compared to the 5-year average since 2001 of 8.5%.

Finalizations: 58
Reinstatements: 2
Cancellations: 30
Cryopreservations: 3
Net Gain: 27

Alcor currently has 814 members in 11 countries.

Membership Funding Options

The Membership Info page of the website has been supplemented with a Funding Methods link that overviews all of Alcor’s currently accepted funding methods. It includes thorough information about life insurance, prepayment, trusts, annuities and alternative funding options. Details about life insurance arrangements for those in the UK and other countries is also provided. Special thanks to Alcor advisor Russell Cheney for his volunteer efforts on this important website update project.

Happy Bedford Day

Forty years ago today, January 12, 1967, Dr. James Bedford became the first man to be cryopreserved under controlled conditions in the hope of eventual revival. In a very real way, you can say cryonics itself is forty years old today.

Our website includes more detailed information on Dr. Bedford, and a couple of earlier abortive attempts at human cryopreservation. It makes for fascinating reading. We’ve come a long way since then, but we still have a long way to go.

Alcor Conference DVD Set

It was brought to our attention that the webstore was not accepting coupon codes for orders of the 6th Alcor Conference DVD Set. If you experienced difficulty using your coupon code, your order should now be processed without difficulty. We appreciate your understanding.

If you do experience difficulty or feel you were charged full price in error, please contact Alcor at 1-877-462-5267 ext. 101.

CNN to feature Alcor on Friday, December 22

In April, Alcor’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Steven B. Harris, and local Alcor members were interviewed for a piece to air on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Show. As often happens with news programs, Alcor’s planned segment was bumped. The producer contacted Alcor today to notify us that the piece is set to air tonight (Friday, December 22) from 8-9pm EST on the Paula Zahn NOW Show.

Tune in to the Paula Zahn NOW Show on CNN tonight (8-9pm Eastern) to see the piece about Alcor.

Missed the Show? WATCH IT NOW.

Alcor Conference DVD

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November 4, 2006, Board Meeting Results

At the November 4, 2006, meeting there was discussion of various topics:
– Alcor management announced the $25,000 anonymous matching grant for Fracture Free R&D
– Barry Aarons, Alcor’s lobbyist, agreed to provide an overview of how the recent Arizona elections results will affect Alcor (see 2006 Election Report)
– Regarding the wealth preservation trust, Michael Riskin commented that he is still working with the attorney on an updated draft of the trust
– It was announced that nearly 20 members are not regularly paying their dues to Alcor and will have to soon be dropped as members. The main reason for this decision is because Alcor is not able to contact them or they are ignoring offers to establish a payment plan.

There were no Board resolutions other than opening and closing the meeting and approval of last month’s board minutes.

Is Santa Claus an Alcor Member?

Thinking of giving Alcor a holiday gift? Well, you can always double your money with the ongoing matching grant program. But if this isn’t what you are really interested in, you can always find something at one of Alcor’s wish lists:
Click here for the equipment list
Click here for the book list

Help filling out our technical library or purchasing much needed equipment is always appreciated. Plus, using the Amazon wish list system, you know exactly where your money is going. So while you are holiday shopping for a loved one, consider also getting a little something for Alcor. Santa will thank you.

Michelle Fry Leaving Alcor

We are sorry to report that Michelle Fry is leaving Alcor. MIchelle’s official last day will be January 4, 2006.

We wish Michelle well in her future endeavors. She remains a part of our ACT network of volunteer and contract transport technicians, so her skills and training will not be lost to us.