Job Opening at Alcor

We have an immediate job opening for a research scientist. The candidate will be working in Alcor’s R&D lab, assisting in research on cerebral ischemia, cardiopulmonary bypass, hypothermia, and cryobiology. The candidate will also assist in human cryopreservations and related tasks.

Requirements include a graduate degree and experience in biology, biochemistry, or other medical science. Candidates must have a publication history.

Preference is given to candidates who demonstrate a familiarity with cryonics and human cryopreservation.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is a 501c3 educational and research foundation, conducting research in cryonics and human cryopreservation. More about Alcor and cryonics can be learned at Alcor’s web site Benefits include medical, dental, and 401k. Applicants should email their CV to .

35th Anniversary of the Alcor Foundation

Friday, February 23rd is Alcor’s 35th anniversary. Also of note is Alcor’s move from Riverside, CA, to Scottsdale, AZ, 13 years ago this Wednesday, February 21st. The Alcor patients were relocated using flatbed trucks.

Local NBC news features Alcor

Alcor was recently visited by reporters from a local Arizona news program (NBC, Channel 12), who interviewed Tanya Jones. The spot about Alcor is expected to focus on wealth preservation trusts. You can watch the two-part program on the 10 pm news on Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22.

Matching Grant Update

Alcor has raised $22,993.78 for its 2006-2007 Matching Grant for Fracture Free Research & Development.

You still have time to help Alcor reach its $25,000 goal before February 28, 2007. Simply print and fill out the online Donation Form, or phone Alcor at 1-877-462-5267 ext. 101 with your credit card. We will do the rest. Contributions up to a total of $25,000 will be matched by our anonymous donor.

As usual, donations are fully tax deductible. This is your opportunity to further Alcor’s goal of improving cryopreservations, while doubling your contribution. Please take the time to pledge your donation today!

Conference DVD Pre-order Rate Extended

You still have a chance to pre-order the 6th Alcor Conference DVD set at a reduced price, including a special price for conference attendees (using coupon code). Alcor is extending the reduced price until the end of February. Thereafter, the regular price of $79.95 will apply. We look forward to receiving your orders at

February 3, 2007, Board Meeting results

There was discussion of the following topics:
– Barry Aarons, Alcor lobbyist, offered his perspective on changes being proposed to the Arizona Uniform Anatomical Gift Act and how they may affect Alcor. He attended a stakeholder meeting and feels Representative Carolyn Allen is supportive of Alcor and is open to suggestions from all stakeholders. He will continue to work with her on any issues in Alcor’s interests.
– Progress is being made on Alcor’s wealth preservation trust, but there are still many issues to be addressed. A completion date has not been established. Several issues requiring more discussion were mentioned with further collaboration to ensue.
– Several membership issues were heard.
No substantive resolutions were passed.

Watch “Do You Want To Live Forever?”

“Do You Want To Live Forever?”, a one-hour program investigating various life extension technologies, including cryonics, and featuring the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey will be broadcast on February 3, 2007, at 6:30 pm on Channel 4 in the UK.

January 6, 2007, Board Meeting Results

There was discussion of the following topics:
– The board was briefed on the 2007 budget.
– The board was briefed on planning of the 2007 conference, including speakers, catering, location, and the overall agenda.
– The board was informed that membership recruitment efforts are understaffed. Due to this and a downturn in the number of applicants entering the queue, 4.5% – 6 or 7% growth is the expected status quo. It was commented that the growth rate for 2006 (around 3%) was mediocre, but that the average 2005-2006 growth rate was within expectations at 7% per year. There was discussion of a new volunteer that is calling prospects and how to train him, as well as other possible options for using existing Alcor members for recruitment.

Two resolutions were passed:
– Approval of two new hires: Chana Williford, Research Associate, and Randall Fry, Equipment Fabricator
– Slight revision of the mission statement

December 2, 2006, Board Meeting Results

For quite some time Alcor has accepted life insurance policies naming Alcor as the owner and beneficiary. Since insurance companies in countries outside the United States often are not willing to name a US organization as the policy owner, the Alcor Board of Directors on December 2, 2006, approved a life insurance funding option for residents of the United Kingdom and other countries outside the United States, with the following stipulations:
– Alcor is named the beneficiary.
– There should either be no collateral assignees, or Alcor must be named as the assignee.
– The policy is placed in absolute trust.
– A minimum of one Alcor representative is named as a Trustee.
– The Death Benefit (or Sum Assured) is permanently maintained equal to or in excess of the Suspension Minimum, in equivalent United States Dollars.
– Alcor is to be notified if policy lapses.
– Premium is paid current.

Alcor requires a copy of the policy, Policy Schedule, stamped Trust Request Form (must be Absolute Trust), and stamped Deed (naming Alcor as an additional Trustee).

2006 Membership Growth

Ten memberships were approved in December, with seventeen cancellations processed (14 members were cancelled for non-payment of membership fees). The year of 2006 ended with a 3.5% annual growth rate, compared to the 5-year average since 2001 of 8.5%.

Finalizations: 58
Reinstatements: 2
Cancellations: 30
Cryopreservations: 3
Net Gain: 27

Alcor currently has 814 members in 11 countries.