January 6, 2007, Board Meeting Results

There was discussion of the following topics:
– The board was briefed on the 2007 budget.
– The board was briefed on planning of the 2007 conference, including speakers, catering, location, and the overall agenda.
– The board was informed that membership recruitment efforts are understaffed. Due to this and a downturn in the number of applicants entering the queue, 4.5% – 6 or 7% growth is the expected status quo. It was commented that the growth rate for 2006 (around 3%) was mediocre, but that the average 2005-2006 growth rate was within expectations at 7% per year. There was discussion of a new volunteer that is calling prospects and how to train him, as well as other possible options for using existing Alcor members for recruitment.

Two resolutions were passed:
– Approval of two new hires: Chana Williford, Research Associate, and Randall Fry, Equipment Fabricator
– Slight revision of the mission statement