Case Summary A-2420 (Member A-2420 is now our 87th patient

St. Louis, MO–July 25, 2009
Alcor received notice from an extended care facility that one of our members was experiencing a significant decline in health and therefore the family was in the process of changing the patient to hospice care. Alcor’s deployment committee was actively involved in monitoring the situation when it was decided to have an Alcor representative at the patient’s bedside to better determine when to initiate a full team response. Aaron Drake traveled to St. Louis to interact with the patient, family and medical staff.

Throughout the course of the seven days on location, we continually ramped up the level of readiness as the patient’s condition worsened. Initially, the full team supply kit was shipped and pre-positioned. Then, two Suspended Animation, Inc. (SA) team members drove the SA response vehicle from Florida to St. Louis. And finally, we requested a deployment from Catherine Baldwin for the full SA team including perfusionist and surgeon to provide support as clinical death was imminent. The timing was excellent as the patient experienced clinical death within 12 hours of the SA team’s arrival.

The patient was subsequently flown to Scottsdale where a neuropreservation was performed. Member A-2420 is now our 87th patient.