Case Summary A-2435 (Member A-2435 is now our 88th patient

Phoenix, AZ–August 9, 2009
Alcor was contacted by a member who informed us that his wife, also an Alcor member, had become gravely ill and they were traveling to Mexico for specialized treatments, in an attempt to extend her life. In the event that their efforts became futile, they intended to return to the United States and fly directly to Scottsdale to be near Alcor for the remaining days of her life.

Alcor’s deployment committee kept in close contact with the family along with her medical providers in the U.S. and abroad. Her physicians were aware of her cryopreservation directives and eventually determined that her time would be better spent getting closer to Alcor rather than continuing treatment and risk potential delays while crossing the U.S. border, after clinical death.

The family arrived in Scottsdale by Air Ambulance while Alcor facilitated her direct admittance into a cryonic’s friendly hospice provider in the Phoenix valley.

Alcor’s Transport Coordinator Aaron Drake, teamed with assistance from Sandra Russell of Critical Care Research and Regina Pancake, Alcor’s Readiness Coordinator, provided standby support and eventual field stabilization & transportation from the moment the member’s plane landed in Scottsdale until her clinical death, some 24 hours later.

This level of cooperation from the family, physicians, local medical providers and the greater cryonics community led to one of the most expedient cases from bedside to cryopreservation procedures that Alcor has ever experienced.

Member A-2435 is now our 88th patient.