Case Summary A-2061 (Member A-2061 is now our 86th Patient

Colorado Springs, CO–June 7, 2009
One of our members, A-2061 suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Colorado Springs, CO. The gentleman had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for many years and had 24-hour home health care. At the request of the member and the cooperation of the home health care program, Alcor had pre-positioned a mini-medical support kit with instructions for medical professionals, to administer after pronouncement. In the event of a sudden and unexpected clinical death, these important initial medications could be administered, while simultaneously cooling the body with ice. This would accomplish a key first step in the stabilization process that would provide Alcor additional time to respond to the scene while maintaining the hope for a quality cryopreservation. Since this was the exact scenario that played out, our early efforts paid off.

The home health providers witnessed the member’s arrest and acted quickly. Local paramedics were unable to resuscitate the patient and terminated efforts on scene. The Sheriff’s office was able to assist in expediting the process of pronouncement which allowed the medical assistants and family members to begin Alcor’s initial stabilization protocols. Aaron Drake took an immediate flight to Colorado with the remainder of the needed stabilization equipment. Upon arrival, he met with the funeral home where the patient was being kept in a 34 degree Fahrenheit environment. After completing the remainder of the stabilization in the middle of the night, the patient was packaged and prepped for airline shipment back to Phoenix, which occurred later that same day.

The surgical team was standing by when the patient arrived at Alcor. Although greater than 24 hours had passed since pronouncement had occurred, there were visible clinical signs that the early intervention was successful in eliminating blood clots which would typically create a less than optimal situation.

A complete neuropreservation was performed and member A-2061 became our 86th patient.