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Added August 24, 2015:
Cryonics Magazine for July 2014 and August 2014

Added August 13, 2015:
Article from Cryonics Magazine:
Case Reports in Cryonics

Added July 30, 2015:
Alcor Case Report A-2699 (PDF)

Added June 12, 2015:
Alcor Case Report A-2830 Mariette Selkovitch (PDF)

Added May 28, 2015:
Five issues of Cryonics Magazine for February, March, April, May, and June (2014)

Added January 26, 2015:
Articles from Cryonics Magazine:
Field Cryoprotection
How to Cryopreserve Everyone
Isolation of the Brain

Added January 21, 2015:
Four issues of Cryonics Magazine for October, November, December (2013) and January (2014)

Added December 19, 2014:
Alcor Case Report A-1408 (PDF)

Added December 17, 2014
New FAQ questions:
Why would Alcor’s Patient Care Trust and Alcor appointed Trust Advisors want to revive patients rather than keep long-term care funds?
Can the Patient Care Trust fund research to revive patients?
How independent is the Patient Care Trust Board from the Alcor Board?

Added December 7, 2014:
New FAQ question: Can I keep some of my financial assets after I’m cryopreserved?

Added October 22, 2014:
Reconstructive Connectomics
Cryopreservation of the Brain: 2013 Update

Added September 12, 2014:
Cryonics Magazine, September 2013