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Added December7, 2014:
New FAQ question: Can I keep some of my financial assets after I’m cryopreserved?

Added October 22, 2014:
Reconstructive Connectomics
Cryopreservation of the Brain: 2013 Update

Added September 12, 2014:
Cryonics Magazine, September 2013

Added July 8, 2014:
Alcor Member Profile: Lorrie Hull, PhD

Added July 7, 2014:
Expanded and revised article on The Case for Whole Body Cryopreservation
Article Cryocrastination from Cryonics September 2013

Added June 4, 2014:
Alcor Case Report A-1349 (PDF)

Added May 19, 2014:
News item: Alcor to Appeal Ruling of New York Court. Includes 79-page Affidavit and associated exhibits filed in connection with defamation complaint against the publisher and co-author of the book Frozen.

Added May 12, 2014:
New Library section on "Increasing Your Chances" for a good cryopreservation, including:
Thinking About Brain-Threatening Disorders and Cryonics
Options for Elective Cryopreservation

Added May 12, 2014:
Ray Kurzweil on Memory and Cryonics

Added May 5, 2014:
Alcor Case Report: Kim Suozzi (PDF)

Added May 4, 2014:
Cryonics Magazine, May 2013 (PDF)

Added May 2, 2014:
Alcor Case Report A-1277 (PDF)

Added April 2, 2014:
Systems for Intermediate Temperature Storage for Fracture Reduction and Avoidance

Added March 22, 2014:
Three articles from Cryonics magazine 2010 were added to the Library:
Death of Robert Prehoda
Long-Term Financial Stability in Cryonics
Signing Up Your Relatives

Added March 21, 2014:
Four issues of Cryonics Magazine for 2013: January, February, March, and April

Added February 17, 2014:
Alcor Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)