Alcor’s 107th patient

Alcor member A-2091 was pronounced on August 18, 2011. A whole body cryopreservation, A-2091 became Alcor’s 107th patient.

A-2091, a member living in Southern California, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in 2010. Alcor went on high alert in June of this year, and the member received 24 hour care at her home. Chemotherapy and medication administration was discontinued in June. In mid-June, Alcor prepared and shipped a mini-med kit to her home. In late June, a PICC line was established to permit easier administration of transport medications. Around the same time, the prior “full code” status was removed.

Arrangements were made with Suspended Animation to provide standby when required. Aaron Drake arranged a charter flight and made a special arrangement with the Health Department so that we could call after hours to secure a transit permit (this turned out to be very useful). He visited the home in later July, met with a nearby mortuary, and worked out logistic details.

Suspended Animation initiated a standby on August 9; at least two team members on site at all times. After about a week of standby, SA’s veterinary surgeon was replaced by a cardiothoracic surgeon who, by all accounts, performed superbly. Shortly before noon on August 18, it was clear that clinical death was imminent. The charter flight was set in motion, but a dust storm in Scottsdale/Phoenix delayed its departure—fortunately only briefly.

The patient was pronounced at 4:12pm. Reportedly, the patient was cooled remarkably quickly over the first hour after cardiac arrest. No one was answering the phone at the Health Department, but the private, after-hours number got a quick response. She was loaded on the plane at 8:57pm, and reached Alcor at 10:22pm. The surgery was challenging due to extensive medical issues, but target cryoprotectant concentration was reached in the brain.

Our best wishes to A-2091 and her family. We will do our utmost to keep you secure, providing a chance for a future return to life.