Cryonics magazine 3rd Quarter Issue Out Now

Alcor is pleased to announce that the 3rd Quarter 2011 Cryonics Magazine is now available for viewing, purchasing and downloading.

Just because we no longer mail out physical copies of Cryonics magazine (except by special arrangement), you shouldn’t miss on what’s going on at Alcor and in cryonics. In the 3rd Quarter 2011 issue, the CEO Update reminds us of the value of air bags, seatbelts, wearing your Alcor bracelet, and ensuring your paperwork is current. The Update also notes a close call that might have meant three cryopreservations in the same week; informs us of improvements to the building, security, and energy efficiency; has information on recent and upcoming talks and conferences; and concludes with a teaser about a planned 2012 Alcor 40th Anniversary Conference.

Also in the 3rd quarter issue of Cryonics magazine is a richly illustrated review and update of Intermediate Temperature Storage (ITS). ITS technologies will allow for long term care of cryonics patients at low subzero temperatures with reduced or no fracturing events. This issue also includes a timeline that tracks the history of ITS. Please also visit Alcor’s Facebook page, and vote in the poll about ITS.

Biologist Michael Rose, Ph.D., outlines his unorthodox view of the aging process and discusses strategies to halt the aging process. He acknowledges the value of cryopreservation as a back-up plan, but also offers “an informal introduction to a third possibility. This possibility is one in which aging is stopped, and then repair and refurbishment are used to achieve immortality by the simple expedient of not dying in the first place.” Rose says he is breaking with a long Western academic tradition of aging theory as a cumulative physiological process. His practical proposal—reflecting Max More’s recent article “The Cryo-Paleo Solution”—advocates “shifting back to lifestyles that are physiologically comparable to those of hunter-gatherers” to provide “a possibility of stopping aging at earlier ages, and in better shape”.

Given Aschwin de Wolf’s consistent and excellent role as Cryonics editor, and researcher, it’s about time that he receives his own member profile (written by Alcor member Cairn Idun).

Cryonics magazine is also available as a paper magazine. Individual issues cost $9.95 plus shipping.  They can be ordered at MagCloud.  A subscription to the paper edition of Cryonics magazine is also available. If you live in the United States, a subscription for one year costs $39, two years $69, three years $99 (including shipping). If you live in another country, a subscription for one year costs $99, two years $179, three years $239 (including shipping). Start your subscriptions to the paper edition TODAY!