Membership Dues and CMS Charges to Increase in 2011

As we approach 2011, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued members for their steadfast support over the past year.  Many members have helped the organization by making donations, volunteering, hosting gatherings to educate others about cryonics, or simply talking to friends and family members about Alcor’s mission.  Thank you, to all our supporters, for your contributions over the past year.

Although being an active Alcor member means more than just paying membership dues once a year, dues contributions are a fundamental source of financial strength for the organization.  In an effort to ensure cryonics is affordable for as many people as possible, last year Alcor approved the first dues increase in a decade.  Even with this increase, Alcor’s dues were only $30 a year greater in 2010 than they were in 1992 adjusted for inflation. While we wish we could continue these low rates indefinitely, higher costs and expiring grant support have made an increase necessary.

Alcor is continuing efforts to eliminate structural deficits that have historically made it dependent upon irregular bequests, donations, and grants.  At Alcor’s annual Strategic Meeting in September, budgets for 2011 and 2012 were studied in depth.  With the impending expiration of a portion of the generous and extremely helpful grant from the Miller/LEF/Thorp donor coalition that Alcor had been receiving for the past three years, Alcor was facing a $400,000 deficit if no action were taken.  To close the gap, the following measures were taken, some of which were begun the previous year:

  • Increase dues, CMS, and application fees
  • Reduce transactional charges
  • Switch to an electronic magazine
  • Buy out leases (phone, copier, etc.)
  • Reduce or eliminate service fees (janitorial, teleconferencing, etc.)
  • Eliminate discounts and retainers for regional emergency response team members
  • Reduce supply purchases
  • Collect additional media income
  • Draw on the CMS fund to support some salaries as standby readiness expenses

With these measures, we are pleased to report that the projected deficit has been eliminated for 2011 and 2012, and the capacity of Alcor to operate for the indefinite future with reduced dependence upon extraordinary income has been enhanced.  The new fee schedule effective as of January 1, 2011, is below.  The fee increase for primary family members will be around $200 per year, and we continue to honor all standard discounts for additional family members, students and minors.

Regular adult members (CMS applies for members in the continental US and Canada):
Annually $ 620 $ 180 $ 800
Quarterly $ 156 $  45 $ 201
Monthly $  53 $  15 $ 68
Family members and full-time students (CMS applies for students over age 25):
Annually $ 310 $ 180 $ 490
Quarterly $  78 $  45 $ 123
Monthly $  26 $  15 $  41
Minor family members:
Annually $ 155 $ 0 $ 155
Quarterly $  39 $ 0 $  39
Monthly $  13 $ 0 $  13