Applied Cryobiology – Scientific Symposium on Cryonics

1st to 3rd October 2010 in Goslar, Germany
The German Society for Applied Biostasis (DGAB) organizes its first scientific symposium. It has the title “Applied Cryobiology – Scientific Symposium on Cryonics” and will be held in autumn 2010.

The DGAB was established in May 2006. Aim of the association is the promotion of research and application of biostasis methods, especially of cryonics, for life-extension.

The symposium is a pioneering event. Its aim is to emphasize the scientific fundamentals of cryonics. Scientists from universities and cryonic research-facilities all over the world present the state of the art of science.

During the symposium the “Robert-Ettinger-Medal” for outstanding merits in the field of cryonics will be awarded for the first time. Robert Ettinger is regarded to be the “father of cryonics”. He established the Cryonics Institute in Michigan (USA) and is known to be a pioneer of transhumanism. His books “The Prospect of Immortality” and “Man into Superman” are essential works in the fields of cryonics and transhumanism.

The symposium “Applied Cryobiology” will be held at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Goslar, Germany, from 1st to 3rd October. For more information contact Homepage: