We have ordered fourteen ice bath frames, which once constructed, will bring our ice bath inventory to 16. These new design icebaths fold into a package that is transportable by air, but is inexpensive and rapid to assemble. This is the first step, and one of the longest manufacturing lead-time items, in building our new stabilization kits.

These new ice baths have also had their design modified to accept a Michigan Instruments Thumper, and can be used with the LUCAS chest compressor. Though we don’t anticipate that the MI Thumper will be our long-term solution to mechanical chest compressions, we wanted to have the capability to mount our existing Thumper inventory as an interim measure.

However, other aspects of the new kit development require additional testing, surface cooling, medications, airway management and cardiopulmonary support are all fairly well standardized and well tested under field conditions. We are beginning the construction of this portion of our stabilization capability for all the existing regions and the few new ones we intend to create in the coming year.