From the August Administrative Reports

With assistance from several staff members (mainly Randal Fry & Regina Pancake), the facility was prepared for a visit from a Modern Marvels film crew, which took place on 07/30. Tanya Jones did the main interview and demonstration, with demo assistance from Chana de Wolf. The patient in cooldown happened to be scheduled for transfer to long-term care on that very day, and the film crew obtained footage from the hatch on the roof. The show focuses on “cold science” and includes a dry ice manufacturer, a plant where nitrogen and oxygen are liquefied, a national seed bank, and more. The skeptic interview selected pertaining to cryonics was Dr. Philip Keen, the former medical examiner for Maricopa County and the current medical examiner for Yavapai County.

The World Transhumanist Association conference in Chicago was a useful event for Alcor to attend. Throughout the 4-day conference, an Alcor member handed out Alcor literature and spoke with an estimated 50-75 people. Alcor waived the $150 application fee for those who applied during the conference or within 30 days following the conference.

Although no applications have been received yet, indications are good that several people will apply as a result of Alcor’s presence. Tanya Jones did a formal presentation (along with Ralph Merkle and Shannon Vyff) and networked with the crowd, accompanied by Steve Van Sickle. At least one positive blog post has resulted, which is a highly credible means of third-party advertising:

On July 31, 2007, Alcor had 825 members on its Emergency Responsibility List. Two memberships were approved during this month, no memberships were reinstated, three memberships were cancelled and one member was cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net loss of two members this month.

We have had a very good response to our Alcor Member Directory letter. We have had over 300 Members send their information in to be put in the Directory. It is scheduled to be completed before the October conference.

Reports submitted by Jennifer Chapman and Diane Cremeens