Welcome to the New Alcor News

For some time now, we have been looking for ways to bring more timely information about Alcor to our members and the public. The lead time for Cryonics magazine is several months, and even the email Alcor News only went out once per month. Furthermore, the email format was limited to short news items, which was often confusing. So, we decided to bite the bullet and join the blog bandwagon. As you can see from the dates on some of the posts, it took a while to work things out, but by doing this we hope to bring up items as they happen, with the space to do them more justice.

Now, this is a news blog, and not a conversation group. There are many discussion groups on the web, including Alcor United and Cryonet. We don’t have the time to deal with either moderating or comment spam, and as an official Alcor publication we would need to, so commenting is not enabled. That said, feel free to send email to , with any questions or comments you have. From time to time, we will publish “letters to the editor” right here.

And if you subscribe to the email Alcor News, don’t worry. We will still send it out, with links to the blog articles and stories that have appeared over the previous month.

To start things off, we are presenting a Guest Editorial from former Alcor President Steve Bridge. Steve brings up some excellent points about the relationship between cryonics and conventional medicine, and some theories about why cryonics has not “caught on”. Most everything I agree with, and much of what he suggests we are in the process of actually doing. For various reasons, we are limited in what we can say just now, but I hope to be able to fill things in much more at the upcoming Sixth Alcor Conference. Don’t miss out on it! As of two weeks ago we already had 132 paying attendees, so it promises to be the best attended conference ever.
Stephen Van Sickle
Executive Director