The Cryonics Technology Progress Conference

Where: Terasem Central in Melbourne, Central East coast of Florida
When: April 9, 10, 11, 2010– Schedule to be available late February.

Cryonics technology is more advanced than even most signed up cryonicists realize. Most people in the scientific community do not realize what progress has been made and most cryonicists do not realize the protocols and technologies that have been developed in the service of making cryonics a true “evidence based technology.”

Details of cryonics protocols, procedures, and logistics from start to finish –Confirmed presenters include Alcor Life Extension Foundation Transport Coordinator – Aaron Drake; Cryonics Institute President – Ben Best; and Suspended Animation, Inc. General Manager – Catherine Baldwin.

Suspended Animation, Inc. protocols and technologies are now available for members of both CI and Alcor.

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2009 Annual Board Meeting and Strategic Meeting

On Saturday, September 12, 2009, Alcor held its Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors. The meeting was attended in person by all directors. In addition to the public Annual Meeting, the directors took the opportunity to spend about nine hours on Saturday and another four hours on Sunday holding a private Strategic Meeting with management.
Director and officer elections were held at the Annual Meeting.

The existing slate of directors, James Clement, J.D., Ravin Jain, M.D., Saul Kent, Ralph Merkle, Ph.D., Michael Riskin, Ph.D., CPA, Michael Seidl, Ph.D., Tim Shavers, J.D., Brian Wowk, Ph.D., and officers, Jennifer Chapman (President and Executive Director), R. Michael Perry, Ph.D. (Secretary), and Joe Hovey (Treasurer) were carried forward for another year.

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Alcor Northern California Quarterly Meeting

The next Alcor Northern California quarterly meeting will be October 18, 2009, at 4pm, in South San Francisco Bay area.

The exact location to be decided, please contact Mark at , or (650)969-1671.


Singularity Summit 2009: October 3-4, 2009, New York, NY
The fourth annual Singularity Summit, a conference devoted to the better understanding of increasing intelligence and accelerating change, will be held in New York on October 3-4 in Kaufmann Hall at the historic 92nd St Y. The Summit brings together a visionary community to further dialogue and action on complex, long-term issues that are transforming the world.

Participants will hear talks from cutting-edge researchers and network with strategic business leaders. The world’s most eminent experts on forecasting, venture capital, emerging technologies, consciousness and life extension will present their unique perspectives on the future and how to get there. “The Singularity Summit is the premier conference on the Singularity,” says Ray Kurzweil, inventor of the CCD flatbed scanner and author of The Singularity is Near.

” As we get closer to the Singularity, each year’s conference is better than the last.”

Singularity Summit Program

Alcor Northern California Regional Quarterly Meeting

There will be a meeting about Alcor and cryonics in the San Francisco Bay Area, on July 12, 2009, at 4:00 pm. Exact location to be determined later.

Please contact for details and what dish to bring for the potluck.

Cryonics Meeting, New York

Cryonics Meeting, New York, June 6th 2009, Saturday 2-5 pm
At Stonehurst, home of Peter Gouras M.D.
Riverdale, the Bronx

Topics to be considered:
1. Can local members be organized to aid in the cool-down and transport of a deceased member?

2. What is the best protocol for doing this?

3. Can we support a laboratory in NYC to study for cryopreservation of organs and the brain in particular?

For the address, directions and to RSVP please contact:

Alcor Southern California Meeting

On Sunday March 29, EMT and Alcor Readiness Coordinator Regina Pancake and paramedic and Alcor Transport Coordinator Aaron Drake will attend the Alcor Southern California Meeting and will bring along the new Alcor icebath and Thumper combination. Also attending will be the Critical Care Research staff who will give a tour of the West Coast Suspended Animation transport vehicle. The meeting will be held at Alcor Board member Michael Riskin’s home in Fullerton, California from 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm.

For more information and RVSP, contact Regina Pancake
() or Aaron Drake ()

Alcor training sessions are currently being scheduled for Nevada (May
2009) and Texas (Summer 2009).

More details will be posted to Alcor News and the website when they become available.

Alcor’s Scientific Advisory Board

Alcor’s Scientific Advisory Board held its first meeting in Florida during December. A topic of discussion was the ongoing projects at Alcor and management’s plans for continuing development. Ralph Merkle and Robert Freitas also presented their plans for developing the medical nanotechnology that may be necessary to revive patients cryopreserved using current methods.

The point of the meeting was to establish how the advisory board could become more active in promoting cryonics and how the credibility of the field could be improved. Overall, it was an excellent meeting. The medical nanotechnology aspects of the meeting will be discussed in an upcoming issue of Cryonics magazine, and the advisory board intends to discuss other issues in more depth.

Donations Accepted on Alcor Website

Now our valued supporters can make a charitable donation anytime just by clicking the “Donate” button on the Alcor website.

Alcor has a long, proud tradition of innovation and technical excellence in the field of cryonics. Your gift will make a difference in our quest for better cryopreservations.

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Stephen Van Sickle Leaves Alcor

Stephen Van Sickle is no longer employed as Alcor’s Chief Technical Officer. We wish him well in his endeavors.