Article about Alcor in BBC Future

Cryopreservation: ‘I freeze people to cheat death’.”

Max More will have his brain frozen after he dies, and he’s not alone. Rose Eveleth asks him why he signed up – and how the strange procedure of cryopreserving bodies actually works.

BuzzFeed article about Alcor

Inside The Immortality Business.”

Welcome to Alcor, where death is merely a temporary setback.

Alcor receives “Best of Phoenix Award” from Phoenix New Times

In an odd but unusually appropriate category, Alcor received the 2012 award for “Best Second Chance” in the Best of Phoenix awards from the Phoenix New Times:

BEST SECOND CHANCE: Alcor Life Extension Foundation

With a slide show:

Best of Phoenix 2012: Tour Alcor Life Extension Foundation with Max More

Phoenix Magazine article about death in Arizona includes Alcor

“What happens to your body after death? Probably what you expect – but then again, this is Arizona, so maybe not.”

So leads a 4-page article in Phoenix Magazine. The last 1-1/2 pages are about Alcor.

Death (un) Ltd.

Update: link now goes to the Wayback Machine.

Canadian Medical Association Journal article about cryonics

PDF version:

Spending eternity in liquid nitrogen

Web version:

Spending eternity in liquid nitrogen