Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) Program FAQs

[See general information page about the Independent Cryonics Educators program (ICE).]

The ICE Program pays people to educate and refer new members. Is this legal?

  • Alcor worked with expert tax counsel and general counsel during the strategic development of the ICE Program. The ICE Program aligns with Alcor’s tax-exempt educational and scientific purposes.


Why did Alcor launch the ICE Program instead of simply paying an advertising firm?

  • As a charitable organization, Alcor wants to allow the public to be paid for their educational efforts instead of paying a big firm. Alcor also intends to capitalize on the knowledge and passion our cryonics community members have and are capable of sharing with others. Alcor hopes many people will succeed as Independent Cryonics Educators and earn additional income by educating the public about cryonics.


My CSO is not participating in the ICE Program. How can I get them to participate?

  • Contact your CSO and ask them to reach out to Alcor.
  • Remember, even if your CSO is not participating directly in Alcor’s ICE program, you can still be an ICE and receive compensation for referring new members to participating CSOs.


Why shouldn’t my CSO launch their own ICE Program instead of collaborating with Alcor?

  • Alcor believes reputable CSOs want the public to be educated about cryonics, not just their specific organization. Launching a look-alike program will require educators to sign another agreement, work with different materials for each CSO, keep track of other “codes” specific to each CSO, etc. Further, each ICE Program look-alike will have an administrative overhead, increasing the costs for a CSO. Alcor believes reputable CSOs will benefit from a unified effort of consistently educating the public about cryonics, and ICEs will benefit from one ICE Code that works for multiple CSOs.


I am a member of a different Cryonics Service Organization (CSO). Can I join the ICE Program, educate the public, and get paid?

  • Anyone can join the ICE Program and educate the public about cryonics, including members of other CSOs. Payment for education and referrals depends on if the new member joined a CSO participating in the ICE Program.

How will Alcor know how much to pay me for my time educating and referring new members?

  • When a prospective member joins a participating CSO, your unique ICE Code will track the compensation you earn. Each CSO, such as Cryonics Institute, Tomorrow Biostasis, Southern Cryonics, etc., will independently decide if they want to participate in the ICE Program and the discounts and compensation they will support. Alcor will cover the cost of the ICE Program (accounting, legal, administration, etc.), and other reputable CSOs are welcome to participate free of charge.

Is there a limit on how much I can make as an ICE?

  • Each participating CSO will determine their compensation schedule. Alcor will pay 50% of first-year dues to ICEs referring new Members, up to a limit per new Member. Alcor recognizes our new Age-Based Dues may create perverse incentives to sign up older people because their first-year dues will be more than a younger Member. Alcor will cap each referred new Member’s compensation to an ICE at no greater than 50 years old. For example, if a new Member is 55 years old, the ICE compensation will be based on a 50-year old’s Age-Based Dues. In this example, 50 years old * $15 * 50% first-year dues = $375 for referring a member 50+ years old. There will be NO limit on total compensation for multiple members, as illustrated in the example of Ms. Taylor above.

I referred someone who became an Alcor Cryopreservation Member, not just an Alcor Member. Do I make more from my referral of a Cryopreservation Member?

  • Compensation under the ICE Program for new Alcor Members is based on educating the public about cryonics, not “selling cryopreservation.” You will receive 50% of the first-year Age-Based Dues calculated for the Cryopreservation Member, same as if they only signed up to be an Alcor Member.


Ok, I am ready to sign up for the ICE Program. Does Alcor have materials to help me educate the public?

  • Alcor’s Ambassador & President Emeritus, Max More, will be the primary point of contact for the ICE Program for the calendar year 2022. Max authored some starting educational materials for Independent Cryonic Educators (ICE) to assist their efforts to educate the public. ICEs are welcome to create their materials, such as videos, and we encourage ICEs and other CSOs to submit materials to Alcor so other ICEs can successfully educate the public. Alcor plans to release more materials to ICEs as they become available.