Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) discount codes and compensation

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is pleased to announce a new self-funded educational program, the Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) Program! One of the most significant challenges the cryonics industry has faced over the decades is raising awareness of cryonics with the public. The ICE Program is designed with economic incentives to educate the public and advance Alcor’s nonprofit mission.

The ICE Program will allow anyone to refer prospective members to a cryonics organization, such as Alcor, whether they are an Alcor member, a member of another cryonics service organization (CSO), or not a member at all. Cryonic enthusiasts, cryo-crastinators, members of other cryonic organizations, Alcor Members, and any other person interested in educating the public about cryonics may participate in the ICE Program.

Alcor will issue an ICE Code to anyone participating in the ICE Program. The ICE Code is an identifying code unique to each Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) and will serve two purposes. First, the ICE Code will identify which ICE will receive compensation and how much from referrals for new members. Second, the ICE Code will determine the discount level applied to a new member’s first-year dues. The following compensation schedule for Independent Cryonic Educators and discounts available for new members has been approved by Alcor’s Board of Directors for the calendar year 2022.

ICE referrals table
*Alcor contacted the presidents of other Cryonics Service Organizations (CSOs) and invited them to participate in the ICE Program. Compensation to ICEs and discounts for new members will be decided by each CSO collaborating with Alcor on the ICE Program to educate the public. 

Future changes, if any, to compensation and discounts for the program will be provided here.

Becoming an Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) costs nothing, is easy, and anyone can join the program.  Simply sign the ICE agreement, fill out a W-9 so Alcor can pay you, and start educating the public about cryonics and sharing your ICE Code. Alcor will generate a unique ICE Code for each Independent Cryonics Educator to share with potential new members. When a potential member uses an ICE Code, they will receive the associated discount off their first-year’s Age-Based Dues. The Independent Cryonics Educator will be paid for referring new member(s)!

ICE Code Discounts:

Non-Alcor Members:  Anyone can be an Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) without being an Alcor Member. When an ICE Code is used from a Non-Alcor Member, a 10% discount off first-year dues for new Alcor Members will be applied.

Alcor Basic Members:  Alcor Members intuitively know more about cryonics and Alcor, minimally, because they have signed up. Alcor Members are better positioned to educate prospective members than non-Alcor Members. Improved education on the front end reduces Alcor’s costs, aligns with Alcor’s mission, and is worth a more significant discount than non-Alcor Members. Therefore, a 25% discount off first-year dues for new Alcor Members will be applied when using a code from an Alcor Basic Member.

Alcor Cryopreservation Members: This group of Alcor Members has completed all paperwork for informed consent, completed the process of fully funding their cryopreservation, and has a vested interest in Alcor’s success. Cryopreservation Members are best equipped to educate the public, which reduces Alcor’s costs associated with educating the public and furthers Alcor’s mission. Therefore, a 50% discount off first-year dues for new Alcor Members will be applied when using a code from an Alcor Cryopreservation Member.

Compensation for ICE:

Educating the public about cryonics and options available from various CSOs takes time, and Alcor appreciates your time is worth money. Instead of paying for external marketing conceived by people with little to no knowledge of cryonics, Alcor decided to offer compensation to anyone who helps further our growth efforts and mission.

Anyone participating in the ICE Program will receive payment from Alcor for new Alcor Members when their ICE Code is used. When an ICE gives a prospective member an ICE Code, and it is used during signup, Alcor will pay 50% of the first-year dues to the ICE based on the unique code used. As an example:

Ms. Taylor does not want to be an Alcor Member, but she wants to support Alcor’s mission and signup for the ICE Program. Ms. Taylor has 5M followers on social media, and she spends some time educating her followers about cryonics. The average age of Ms. Taylor’s followers is 30 years old, and their average Age-Based Dues is $450 (30 yo x $15). Assuming 1% of Ms. Taylor’s followers use her ICE Code, and the average age of new Members is 30 years old, Alcor will pay Ms. Taylor $11,250,000 (5M x 1% x $450 x 50%).