Steve Graber presented a Readiness And Procedure Innovation Deployment (“RAPID”) proposal during the 2020 Annual Strategic Board Meeting.  A five-minute introduction video is below.  Steve’s longer RAPID presentation can be watched online here.  Over the last few months Alcor has received numerous messages from members supporting the RAPID initiative!

In order to advance the science and reputation of cryonics, Alcor plans to conduct ongoing research to develop novel and near-future products related to cryopreservation procedures and protocols.  The RAPID team is developing relationships and contracts to procure recently deceased human cadavers, which are not Alcor members or patients, but are already earmarked for medical research.

Blake Honiotes and Steve Graber, with support from medical industry experts and Alcor’s surgeon, have begun work to implement the RAPID program.  Alcor is very excited to launch RAPID and we are fundraising across multiple platforms to support cryonic research.

Alcor is requesting donations to fund research envisioned through the RAPID program.  All donors will receive quarterly reports from Alcor regarding the progress with fundraising and milestone achievements rising from the RAPID program!

Any level of donation is appreciated, and you have the option to become a sustaining donor with monthly reoccurring donations that support this important research.  Please donate today to support Alcor’s RAPID initiative.  Alcor is a non-profit, federally tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation and your donation may be tax deductible.