An Interview with Larry Johnson

During his employment with Alcor as Director of Clinical Services, Larry Johnson gave an interview on March 20, 2003, that was published in the 1st Quarter 2003 issue of Cryonics magazine.  Excerpts are below.

LJ: I really enjoy how close-knit everyone is. It’s kind of like a small family. I had the opportunity to meet the folks out in southern California — a bunch of really nice individuals out there. I also got to meet several people from around the world at the recent training we had up at Creekside Lodge. It was very friendly, and seems to be a very close-knit family.

LJ: I really can’t think of anything disappointing as far as my work is concerned right now, as far as Alcor. So far I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve seen and with what has been going on. And as you stated, with the exception of having my Harley-Davidson stolen here in north Scottsdale, I feel like everything else has been okay.

LJ: Well it’s actually something (Alcor membership) thats kind of been in the back of my mind for some time even before I came to work for Alcor. I’ve always been interested, and I’ve actually done a lot of reading on the subject of cryonics and of nanotechnology, so I was somewhat knowledgeable of that when I walked in the door here. Actually, I just turned in today my membership application to Jennifer. I regret that I didn’t get it turned in earlier, but as you stated earlier, as busy as we got a few weeks ago, I never really had time. However, my application is in, and I’m very excited about that, and again my wife is very supportive of my decision.

Click here for the full issue of Cryonics magazine (PDF format — the interview is on page 14).