Cryonics UK

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Cryonics UK is a registered charity made up of individual cryonicists, most of whom live in the United Kingdom. Most are members or prospective members of Alcor or other cryonics organizations, although anyone with an interest in cryonics can join. The primary purpose of Cryonics UK is to provide emergency services but Cryonics UK also assists with sign ups, insurance, legal issues and deals with press activity. The group also gives UK cryonicists the opportunity to meet up with each other to discuss cryonics and life extension issues.

We have our own email group and dedicated phone number for inquiries. Joining the email group means you will be updated with the latest news and developments from Alcor and other cryonics organizations, and you will have the opportunity to share your own ideas and experiences with other cryonicists. Also, you’ll receive regular announcements giving details of our social meetings and events. The list is there to provide a source of information, so feel free to post questions on any aspect of cryonics for which you are uncertain or would like further information.

For inquiries regarding Alcor, contact Alcor’s Membership Department Coordinator:

For inquiries regarding Cryonics UK, please call: 079 0537 1495

Or visit the website:

Or the Cryonics UK Facebook Group (requires Facebook account).

To join the Cryonics UK mailing list (or view messages), please visit the Cryonics UK Yahoo Groups mailing list homepage.

For insurance questions people in the UK can contact Chris Morgan at Unusual Risks, who fully understands the issues and requirements for cryonics insurance. Chris Morgan’s website is