Asset Preservation Trust

For decades, Alcor members have wanted to keep their assets after they were cryopreserved so that when they woke up in the future they would not only be alive but even have some money to help them better enjoy their future life. However, since retaining assets when you’re legally dead raises several novel issues, most lawyers and financial planners would either refuse to do it or would charge high fees to become acquainted with the legal issues involved and to develop a strategy that seemed likely to succeed.

Alcor has therefore created the Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust so that Alcor members would have a model Trust they could take to their estate planner, financial planner, or attorney which could be used as a starting point for their own personalized Asset Preservation Trust. The Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust provides clear answers to the legal concerns that lawyers and estate planners might have about how to handle the various issues that arise in dealing with preserving your assets and returning them to you when you are revived.

Please note that the Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust is for individuals who have a minimum of $500,000 to fund their revival trust. If you have less than that amount, please look at the Multi-Investor Future Income Trust (MIFIT) which only requires a minimum of $25,000 and has been created to minimize taxes and management fees. If you would like to speak to the attorney who wrote the MIFIT Trust in order to compare these trusts and decide which one would work best for you, that contact information is found in the information about the MIFIT Trust.

Alcor members and associate members may request a free copy of the Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust by sending an email to . Be sure to include your name and email address, and put “Request: Asset Preservation Trust” in the subject. We email copies in Microsoft Word format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust should NOT be confused with the Alcor Standard Trust. The Alcor Standard Trust is used to fund a member’s cryopreservation and does not provide for preservation of assets after you are cryopreserved. The Alcor Model Revocable Asset Preservation Trust cannot be used as a mechanism for funding your cryopreservation but is solely used to preserve your assets after you are cryopreserved and until you are revived.