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  • Katee Sackhoff Tours Alcor (February 7, 2020). Katee Sackhoff, an actress best known for her starring role in the TV series Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009), examines the question “Should I FREEZE MYSELF when I die?” She states: “Follow me as I get a fascinating tour of a real-life cryonics facility, with real-life (currently dead) frozen bodies in it. You can decide for yourself if cryonics lands more in the realm of science or fiction. There has been some definite controversy around this subject and I’m not here to promote it one way or the other.”
  • Alcor Video FAQs – short videos answering common questions.
  • Video Testimonials: “Why Did I Become a Member of Alcor?”
  • 2013 Alcor Tour (16 minutes) with Nikola Danaylov (Socrates) of Singularity Weblog.
  • 2013 Interview of Alcor CEO Max More (25 minutes) with Nikola Danaylov (Socrates) of Singularity Weblog.
  • Cryonic Life Extension – 32-minute presentation by Alcor CEO Max More from the Fifth SENS Foundation Conference in September, 2011, at Queens’ College, Cambridge, UK.
  • 2012 Alcor Conference – 12 full presentations from the 2012 Alcor Conference.
  • 2006 Alcor Conference – 5 full presentations from the 2006 Alcor Conference.
  • The Limitless Future – 28-minute Alcor documentary from 2005 interviewing scientists about how aging can be reversed and how cryopreservation can lead to greatly extended lifespans.
  • Alcor Cryonics YouTube Channel