Volunteer Opportunities for Alcor Members

Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities for Alcor members in good standing. As a non-profit organization, Alcor and its members derive great benefit from volunteers. Besides directly helping Alcor carry out its mission, volunteering promotes activism and enables Alcor to explore ideas that would otherwise have gone unaddressed due to limited resources. Local volunteers help out regularly at Alcor in Scottsdale, but some projects can be completed remotely and many people who do not live in the Scottsdale area have the expertise to take on a proactive role.

If you are an Alcor member, take a few moments to peruse our current volunteer opportunities. If you are able to work on a project, fill out the form on our Contact page, providing the Project Title, your availability, and why the project is a good fit for your skills and interests. We will contact you with training materials as details are available.

Volunteer Project List

Project Title: Speak with Prospective Alcor Members
Duration: Open-ended
Scope: What is the top way to educate others about cryonics? Word of mouth referrals from our members. Add your name to our list of membership growth activists who are willing to speak with prospective members about cryonics and Alcor’s membership program. You will only call people with an interest in cryonics who want to be contacted (no cold calls). Following training, Alcor will notify you of any opportunities in your area.

Project Title: Graphic artwork for Cryonics Magazine
Duration: Open-ended
Scope: Create customized artwork for Cryonics Magazine solely on a volunteer basis; Alcor will provide images and concepts

Project Title: Magazine articles
Duration: Open-ended
Scope: Write relevant articles for Cryonics Magazine
Compensation/credit: Membership dues credit

Project Title: Expert opinions
Duration: Open-ended
Scope: Compile a list of favorable expert opinions on cryonics

Project Title: Cryonics advocacy
Duration: Open-ended
Scope: Following training and education sessions, participate in online discussions about cryonics, and monitor articles about cryonics to correct misconceptions and help educate the public about Alcor and cryonics.