Required Costs and Cryopreservation Funding Minimums

1. Membership Dues:

Alcor’s membership structure utilizes “Age-Based Dues.” Alcor’s Age-Based Dues are determined when someone first becomes a member. The Age-Based Dues schedule for 2022 is:

  • $60 per year per minor child under 18 years old
  • $200 per year for 18-year-olds signing a new membership agreement
  • Current Age x Annual Dues Multiplier ($15 currently) per year for new or existing members who sign a new membership agreement.
  • Example: If a member signs up when they are 30 years old, their Age-Based Dues will be $450 per year. (30 years old * $15 Annual Dues Multiplier).
  • Members who pre-date Age-Based Dues who sign an updated agreement will be grandfathered in and lock in the current dues basis.

More detailed information on membership dues can be found here.

2. Required Cryopreservation Funding Minimums:

Funding minimums and Comprehensive Member Standby fees are required for cryopreservation membership.

Before Cryopreservation Membership approval and annually thereafter, Alcor requires the Cryopreservation Member to provide proof of a minimum level of funding which will be paid to Alcor upon legal death. Minimum funding requirements are subject to change with 90 days written notice. See an inflation calculator to help determine a level of funding for you.

Current minimum funding levels as of 2022:

$220,000 for Whole Body Cryopreservation. This includes $60,000 for cryopreservation, $25,000 sent to the CMS Fund, and $135,000 sent to the Patient Care Trust.

$80,000 for Neurocryopreservation. This includes $30,000 for cryopreservation, $25,000 sent to the CMS Fund, and $25,000 sent to the Patient Care Trust.

Surcharges (if applicable):

  • $10,000 surcharge for cases outside the U.S. and Canada.
  • $20,000 surcharge if services are required within the first 180 days of membership (See CMS waiver below)
  • $25,000 surcharge for Alcor Members who have a third party sign an Alcor Cryopreservation Agreement on the Member’s behalf.
  • $50,000 surcharge for cryopreservation of non-members arranged by a third party

The funding of the Cryopreservation Member will cover the costs of Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS)*, cryopreservation, long-term care, and, if it becomes possible, revival.

*The CMS program is subject to a 180-day waiting period after Cryopreservation Membership taking the CMS waiver or self-funding standby costs

Proof of Funding:  On an on-going basis, the Cryopreservation Member shall provide proof that the minimum funding listed above is payable to Alcor. Acceptable proof includes the following:

In the case of an insurance policy the Cryopreservation Member shall:

  • Transfer ownership of the policy to Alcor. Alcor provides a Buy-Back Agreement guaranteeing no changes will be made to the policy without the Member’s written consent, and
  • Name Alcor as the beneficiary of the policy. Accepted insurance companies must be rated as “A-” or better by A.M. Best (

In the case of prepayment, the Member shall:

  • Provide Alcor with the required cryopreservation funding according to the prepayment option the Cryopreservation Member chooses.

3. Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS)

For Cryopreservation Members in the continental U.S. and Canada, Alcor will provide Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS). CMS includes initial preservation protocols and transport once legal death is pronounced and transport back to Alcor. See here for more information.

Current CMS charges are $200 U.S. annually. All payments are non-refundable.

All Cryopreservation Members are subject to a waiting period of 180 days from the date the cryopreservation agreement is signed before joining the CMS program unless opting into the CMS waiver.

CMS Waiver. In exchange for a waiver of the annual Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS) fee the Cryopreservation Member agrees to a permanent increase of $20,000 to their Cryopreservation Fund Minimum above the then-current Cryopreservation Fund Minimum. The Member acknowledges that when the Cryopreservation Fund Minimums are increased in the future, that their Cryopreservation Fund Minimum will always be $20,000 higher.

All costs may be changed by Alcor with ninety (90) days-notice.

Relocation Assistance: Cryopreservation Members not already residing in Maricopa County, Arizona who are diagnosed as being terminally ill, with a prognosis of ninety (90) days or less, may relocate to Maricopa County and receive a relocation reimbursement of up to $15,000, payable to the Member or the Member’s legal representative.

CMS Levels:

Level One – Full Standard Standby: It is determined the Cryopreservation Member is at high risk of legal death in an estimated time frame of seven (7) days. A fully equipped team, according to the standards of care existing at the time, will be deployed to the Member’s location at the full expense of the CMS fund pool.

Level Two – Intermediate Level Standby: It is determined the Cryopreservation Member is at medium risk of legal death in an estimated time frame of seven (7) days and will benefit from on-site or remote monitoring, consultation, and preparation. This CMS expense will be paid out of the CMS fund pool. Should the Cryopreservation Member so desire, they may upgrade the standby level by pre-funding deployment up to Level One.

Level Three – Elective Standby: The Cryopreservation Member does not qualify for Level One or Two coverage and wishes to have a self-funded standby. The Cryopreservation Member may pay for standby, based on available resources, at a price to be quoted. Cryopreservation Members who choose Elective Standby must do so prior to being admitted to a hospital for elective or low-risk surgery.

This document was adopted on September 15, 2022.