Declaration of Intent to Be Cryopreserved

If you think you may want cryonics, but haven’t yet chosen a provider, you can help make it possible for others to sign you up for cryonics in an emergency situation by signing a Declaration of Intent to be Cryopreserved. While it is always best to make cryonics arrangements while you are still healthy, if you ever become seriously ill and incapacitated, a previously-executed Declaration of Intent makes it easier for other family members to arrange for cryonics on your behalf. A Declaration of Intent affirms that you have a personal interest in cryonics, and makes it harder for third parties to challenge cryonics arrangements made on your behalf.

Original copies of the Declaration of Intent may be filed with your personal papers, and/or with Alcor at no charge. Alcor will not share your identity or personal information with any other organizations. Alcor may contact you to inform you about developments in cryonics, special events, or to ask if you remain interested in cryonics. You may file your Declaration of Intent with Alcor by mailing to:

Membership Services
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
7895 East Acoma Drive Suite 110
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Important disclaimer: The Declaration of Intent is not a cryonics contract. It provides no access to cryonics services by any organization. Alcor makes no guarantee that it will be able to accept future arrangements made on your behalf, and Alcor reserves the right to change its policies in the future so that possibly no one will be able to make cryonics arrangements on your behalf, the Declaration of Intent notwithstanding.

Click here for a printable copy of the Declaration of Intent