Alcor Member Testimonial Video Contest Rules Page

We are excited to announce the Alcor Member Video Testimonial Contest! What is this you ask? To better educate the world on cryonics we ask our members to send us a video, in your own words, discussing your opinions and feelings on cryonics, as well as your history with Alcor.

Getting involved in our testimonial video contest is simple.

Using your smart phone or HD video camera, film yourself discussing the following topics

  1. How you first discovered cryonics and became an Alcor member

  2. How long you have been an Alcor member

  3. Why cryonics is the right choice for you

  4. Where you think cryonics is going in the future

  5. Why you recommend cryonics to anyone watching

Please limit your video to four minutes. We will add the best videos to our Alcor You-Tube channel to help educate the world on cryonics from an Alcor member's perspective.


TIPS For making a great video:

  1. Make sure you have good lighting! You can use indoor or outdoor lighting. If outdoors avoid the noon day sun. Direct overhead light from the sun casts harsh shadows on the eyes and nose. Shoot your video in the golden hours when the sun is first rising or setting to get a softer, warmer light on your face. You can also use natural room lighting or professional lights if you have them. Please face the light, watch for windows and avoid back lighting.

  1. Please speak loud enough that your recording device picks up your voice with good sound quality. Most recording devices have a port for an external mic such as a lavaliere/lapel mic. Those can be found at most electronic outlets if you choose to use one for better sound quality.

  2. Please avoid any background noise, such as from a television or music.

Video Settings
  1. We hope for HD video on all submissions. Please set your smart phone or video camera to highest quality (1920 x 1080) 16:9 or above.

  2. Shoot all videos in wide screen mode, (landscape). Videos shot outside of landscape mode will not be considered.

  3. For stability always use both hands, have a friend film you or use a selfie stick or tripod.

Dress , Tone, Background
  1. Colored shirts and blouses are fine, but please avoid whites, busy patterns, slogan T- shirts, logos on shirts, or fluorescent colors. Also, please do not wear hats.

  2. Let your personality come through. Try to use a conversational tone and language, be candid and real, but please avoid any profanity.

  3. Do not film in a busy or noisy place. Any strange ambient noises, dogs, kids, horns, dinner party chatter, etc. will distract from the video. Opt for a quiet setting with no distractions.

  1. You must be an Alcor member in good standing to enter the contest.

  2. All entries must be submitted to Alcor by September 30, 2016.

  3. All entries become the property of Alcor and by submitting your entry you allow Alcor full use of your audio and visual video likeness for any marketing purposes in perpetuity.

  4. All submissions should be 4GB or less

  5. All entrants must fill out our contact form on and include in the message field “I wish to enter the video testimonial contest and will submit my video titled [insert file name here] for consideration and use by Alcor.”

  1. All contest entrants who submit videos meeting the above criteria will receive an Alcor t-shirt of their choice.

  2. We will post our favorite videos to the Alcor You-Tube Channel as the contest progresses and an independent panel of Alcor employees and Board members will choose the top five prize winners.

  3. Four runner-up winners will receive their choice of a 5", 7" or 10" 3D printed Alcor dewar.

  4. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 10" 3D printed Alcor dewar, a paperback copy of Preserving Minds, Saving Lives,and a $150.00 credit towards membership dues!


Here are some helpful links that will help you film your video on your smart phone and how to send us a link to your final submission.


Shooting great video on your smart phone:

Recording Great Audio with Smart Phone:

With this special uploading system we have now made it very simple and very easy to submit your Alcor testimonial video to us. After following the guidelines above for shooting your video, getting good audio etc, simply select the finished file from your computer or smartphone, tell us your name, Alcor membership number in the description field, enter your best email and upload your video. Our staff will review and process all the videos and with luck you may find yourself on our Alcor You Tube channel and potentially a winner of some of our great prizes!

Thanks again for participating in the Alcor Video Testimonial Contest. We look forward to your submission!

Having issue with the video upload system? Please click here to see if you're browser and Operating System support this feature. If unable to use this upload system, please send us your video file via google drive link or drop box link to  

Here are examples of how the the finished Alcor testimonial videos will look when we are done!


So get your smart phones and HD video recording devices out, practice your delivery, find some great light, project for good sound, and get your submission in today! Good luck and have fun! We look forward to your submissions!