Alcor Member Profiles

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Gary & Maria Entraigues Abramson - She’s a singer, pilot, and life extensionist. Maria Entraigues
Gregory Benford, PhD - Physics professor and well-known science fiction author. Gregory Benford
James Clement - Alcor Board member, attorney, business consultant; works with non-profits dedicated to the improvement of humanity. James Clement
John De Goes - John, a computer scientist, and his wife Sophia, an anesthesiologist, are both members of Alcor. John De Goes
Wes Du Charme, PhD (now a patient) - Wes was an Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychologist. Wes Du Charme
Katie Kars Friedman (now a patient) - Born in 1918, Katie was interested in nutrition and self-help for friends and family. Katie Kars Friedman
Steve Graber - Alcor’s Technical & Readiness Coordinator who can build almost anything. Steve Graber
Robin Hanson, PhD - Pioneering economist, social scientist, and author of 2016 book, The Age of Em. Robin Hanson
Brian Harris - Chief Warrant Officer supporting the Army Reserve in the Phoenix area. Brian Harris
Hugh Hixon - Alcor Research Fellow who has worked at Alcor since 1983. Hugh Hixon
Rudi Hoffman - Certified financial planner, accountant, and insurance agent licensed in 23 states. Rudi Hoffman
Lorrie Hull, PhD - A teacher of method acting. Lorrie Hull
Todd Huffman - Former Alcor researcher and founder of 3Scan, Inc., to develop the technology of the Knife Edge Scanning Microscope (KESM). Todd Huffman
Kumar Krishnamsetty - Producer of documentary and feature films. Kumar Krishnamsetty
Richard Leis, Jr. - Richard worked on imaging systems on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and is writing science fiction novels. Richard Leis
Rebecca Lively - An attorney specializing in intellectual property, Rebecca is interested in how to protect the right to choose cryonics. Rebecca Lively
Keith Lofstrom - Electrical Engineer and futurist, Keith invented the Launch Loop and Server Sky concepts. Keith Lofstrom
Bonnie Magee - Bonnie has a degree in accounting and is Alcor's Finance Director. Bonnie Magee
Max More, PhD - Strategic philosopher and President and CEO of Alcor. Max More
Mike O’Neal, PhD - Computer science professor, cat lover, tech startup founder, and Alcor Board Member Mike O'Neal
Michael Perry, PhD - Alcor's Patient Caretaker has a doctorate in computer science and helps automate some of Alcor's procedures. Michael Perry
John Schloendorn, PhD - CEO of Gene And Cell Technologies. John Schloendorn
Peter Voss - CEO of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence, Inc. Peter Voss
Anthony Waller - Film director and writer living in Monaco. Anthony Waller