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Alcor – 6th Conference 2006 – Excerpts (14 min) from Alcor Life Extension Foundation on Vimeo.

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6th Alcor Conference 2006 – 14 minutes of excerpts from over 5 hours of presentations on the 2-disk Alcor DVD of the 2006 conference – “An Inside Look at the Science and Medicine of Tomorrow.” Is it possible to stop aging? Will nanomedicine and medical nanorobots dramatically extend the human lifespan? Can cryopreserved human beings be revived in the future and what impact would result? Distinguished speakers convened at the 6th Alcor Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, to present their provocative insights into anti-aging, life extension research, nanotechnology, cryonics, and more.

These 14 minutes of excerpts include the following:

  • Brian Wowk discusses the relationship between cryonics and advanced tissue regeneration technology.
  • Aubrey de Grey shares his opinion about offering a cryonics prize for scientists.
  • Ralph Merkle explains how the cryonics experiment is similar to clinical trials to determine whether cryonics will work.
  • Get a sneak peak of Robert A. Freitas’ theoretical nanorobots.
  • Tanya Jones and Steve Van Sickle explain advancements and research projects underway at Alcor.

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