Case Summary: A-2740

A-2740, a confidential neuro member, was declared legally dead on April 15, 2014 and the same day became Alcor’s 123rd patient.

A-2740, suffering from multiple medical problems, foremost among which was metastasized cancer, had been hospitalized on the east coast. Alcor suggested to the patient’s son that his mother be moved to Arizona for a shorter transport time. Initially, he declined, resulting in a standby in the area carried out by Suspended Animation on Alcor’s behalf. Only sometime after she had been discharged from the hospital to a senior living center did he change his mind. He then paid for a medical jet which enabled A-2740 to be transported to a Scottsdale hospice on the morning of Tuesday April 15.

A-2740 arrived in Scottsdale at 11:44am. Less than five hours later, A-2740 was pronounced at 4:38pm. The Alcor standby team immediately went into action, seconds after pronouncement, and left the hospital at 5:10pm. Cooling and administration of medications continued in the rescue vehicle. The patient arrived at Alcor at 5:51pm. Perfusion was completed at 10:06pm and the patient began cool down to long-term care temperature.