Case Summary: A-1408

A-1408 lived just north of the Tampa, FL area. Alcor team members initiated a standby at the hospital for three days during the time the individual was listed as critical and medical providers anticipated that he might stop breathing. The member stabilized and Alcor ended the standby while continuing to monitor the patient’s condition remotely. When his medical condition deteriorated again, Alcor was on the verge of initiating a standby for another member and therefore decided to request Suspended Animation to provide the standby this time.

On the afternoon of the fourth day of the standby (May 26, 2011), the member was pronounced, stabilized and cooled on-site, followed by a field washout. The transport commenced the next morning by commercial airlines and the patient was brought to Alcor with the surgical team at the ready. After the neuro cryopreservation ensued, member A-1408 became Alcor’s 105th patient.