Kim Suozzi Fund

Kim Suozzi
Kim Suozzi was transported to the Alcor facility January 17 and donations for her cryopreservation are no longer being accepted. More details to follow. Background information below.

Kim Suozzi, 23, has terminal brain cancer. The cancer is highly aggressive and growing rapidly in a location that makes surgery impossible. Her final wish is to be cryopreserved.Alcor Life Extension Foundation has offered to cryopreserve Kim at a reduced cost, with the staff donating their time for her cryopreservation.

Although walking with a leg brace, Ms. Suozzi attended the Alcor 40th Anniversary Conference where members had an opportunity to hear her story firsthand.

“I learned about cryonics several years ago, while doing reading for a science class,” says Kim. “I had always planned on establishing cryopreservation arrangements through life insurance, but I was caught off guard when I was suddenly diagnosed during my last month and a half of college. The only thing that I can think of that might let me live out my full life and make me feel a little more at ease with my death is to secure cryopreservation plans in the belief that they figure out how to revive people in the future.”

Ms. Suozzi of Columbia, Missouri wants to relocate to Scottsdale – as soon as possible – which will further reduce the $80,000 cost of cryopreservation. However, she lacks the funds. Hundreds of donors have reached out to help Kim, but time is short. Donations of any amount are welcome.