5th Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension
Preliminary Conference Program


Final Program





Thursday, November 14th FREE session

6:30 PM Staff meeting
7:00-8:30 PM What is Cryonics?
A Free Introduction to Life Extension Sponsored by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Lobby Level of the Marriott. Call 800-482-6791 to RSVP

Will Cryonics Work?
Ralph C. Merkle, Vice President, Technology Assessment, Foresight Institute

You Only Go Around Twice
Jerry Lemler, President and CEO, Alcor
    Life Insurance for Cryonics
Mary Naples, CLU, ChFC
    Panel and audience Q&A

Friday, November 15th

7:50 AM Staff meeting
8:00 AM Registration open till 10:00 AM
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:50 AM Tutorial
8:50 AM Tutorial Introduction
Ralph C. Merkle, Foresight Institute
9:00 AM Nanotechnology: how it will transform medicine and enable repair of cryopreserved tissue
Ralph C. Merkle, Foresight Institute
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Extreme Life Prolongation at Cryogenic Temperatures
Gregory Fahy and Brian Wowk, 21st Century Medicine
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Cancer, telomerase and aging
Aubrey de Grey, University of Cambridge
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM The New Alcor Cryonic Suspension Protocols
Jerry Lemler and Alcor Staff, Alcor Life Extension Foundation
5:00 PM Closing Remarks, Ralph Merkle
6:00 PM Conference Registration open till 10:00 pm
7:00 PM Conference Reception

Saturday, November 16th

7:15 AM Staff meeting
7:30 AM Conference Registration open till 10:00 AM
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:50 AM Introduction and Welcome
Ralph C. Merkle, Conference Chair,
9:00 AM

Alcor at 30: Where Do We Go from Here?
Jerry Lemler

9:30 AM Nanomedicine: impact on global mortality
Robert Freitas
10:10 AM Break
10:40 AM The Singularity is Near
Ray Kurzweil
11:20 AM Engineering Negligible Senescence
Aubrey de Grey
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:30 PM Cryonics in the Long View
Gregory Benford
2:10 PM Judging Life Extension Technologies
Christine Peterson
2:50 PM Mind the Gap: Strategic Scenario Analysis for Your Second Life
Max More
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Extending Your Healthspan Now
Kat Cotter
4:40 PM Improvements in Rapid Cooling to Save the Brain
Steve Harris
5:20 PM Closing remarks
5:30 PM End of Session
5:30 PM Alcor membership application and discussions (informal)
8:00 PM Speaker/VIP reception (invitation only)

Sunday, November 17th

8:00 AM Staff meeting
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:10 AM The Affordable Immortal: How YOU can fund the new science of Biostasis
Rudi Hoffman
8:50 AM Opening Remarks
Kat Cotter
9:00 AM Keynote: Human Therapeutic Cloning: Opportunities and Challenges
Michael D. West, President and CEO, Advanced Cell Technology
10:00 AM Organ Cryopreservation Research at 21st Century Medicine
Gregory Fahy
10:40 AM Break
11:10 AM Issues and Technologies for Long-Term Tissue Storage
Brian Wowk
11:50 AM Prospects for Biological Immortality
Michael Rose
12:30 AM Lunch and Leonard N. Zubkoff Memorial Award
2:00 PM Chipping Away at the Mysteries of Aging: what you don't eat can't hurt you.
Stephen Spindler
2:40 PM A Bridge to a Bridge to a Bridge
Ray Kurzweil
3:20 PM Break
3:50 PM

Women in Cryonics
Moderator: Kat Cotter
Panelists: Christine Peterson, Natasha Vita-More, Kathy Kriese, Gilda Cabral

4:30 PM

Nanotechnology: the upside
K. Eric Drexler

5:10 PM

New Venture Capital Solution For Life Extension Projects
Dave Kekich

5:40 PM Closing remarks