We cryopreserved a member’s dog that died last week. The member knew his dog was ill and has been making pre-payments toward the preservation for some time. The dog was shipped to us on dry ice and has been cooled. Alcor now has 32 pets in its care.

As mentioned briefly last month, I held a training session in western Canada. Ben Best was also on hand to discuss Cryonics Institute policies with regard to stabilizations. There were eight students and a couple family members dropped in for short periods. I had some interesting customs issues when crossing the border, which require additional investigation. We may wish to have the Cryonics Society of Canada formally request our presence prior to any future training sessions.

Renovations to the lab spaces continue. I’ve completed a design for renovations to our dry lab, cardiopulmonary bypass lab and old operating room. Subsequent to the renovation, we will be going through our surgical and cryopreservation supplies inventory and replacing expired items. We intend to continue our reorganization efforts until the entire facility is both tidy and functional, in the process clearing out thirteen years worth of clutter.

We are continuing our search for a new accounting firm. A meeting with Ernst and Young led to a few more leads on potential firms. We have another meeting set up for next week, and hope to have three suitable candidates soon. Our 2006 taxes have been completed by one of the candidate firms, Woods and Dwyer. We are pleased with the timeliness of their preparation, providing a significant contrast to our former firm.