The September-October issue of the Cryonics magazine is now available online. This issue of Cryonics magazine features the complete program, information about the talks and speakers, and registration information.

Also, in the CEO update, Alcor President Max More writes about new research at Alcor aimed at validating “fielding vitrification” for overseas members, a recent last minute case, and ongoing improvements at Alcor.

Symposium on Cryonics and Brain-Threatening Disorders
On Saturday, July 7, 2012, around 30 people attended the first ever symposium on dementia and cryonics in Portland, Oregon. Ben Best, who attended the event and was one of the presenters, provides a detailed account of the symposium about this important but discomforting topic. Also present was Alcor CEO Max More who spoke about the concept of the “extended mind” and its implications for personal survival and neurodegenerative diseases.