7th Alcor Conference
Attendance for the 7th Alcor Conference is good at about 100 attendees, though not a large as 2006. The crowd make-up is very similar to last year, in that only about half of the registrants are already members of Alcor. The next conference will be likely be held in 18-24 months. Thanks to our sponsors this year, who contributed $14,000 in support of this event: Life Extension Foundation, Michael Fleischmann, Patrice Levin & Nigel Kell, Immortality Institute, Hospice of the Valley, Cryonics Property LLC, Andrew Popper, Novamente, The Longevity Meme, Betterhumans, The Calorie Restriction Society, and Rudi Hoffman.

Alcor had a presence at the Singularity Summit held in Stanford, California, and Dragon-Con held in Atlanta, Georgia. Literature about Alcor was distributed at both events, and a panel presentation was conducted at the latter.