Cryonics Magazine has been a staple of the Alcor Foundation for decades. We hope our readers find it a compelling source of information about topics of interest, such as how to optimize your cryopreservation arrangements, recent happenings at Alcor, issues facing the field of cryonics, relevant sciences, and more. While Alcor has no plans to stop producing Cryonics Magazine, we have gone digital in our distribution.

Alcor will no longer distribute printed copies of Cryonics Magazine. However, we will continue to offer each issue free of charge electronically on the Alcor website. An electronic magazine has the advantage of being available for viewing at the convenience of anyone with a computer, while costing significantly less for Alcor at a time when proactive budget balancing is a high priority.

We understand that sometimes our readers may want a printed copy of the magazine. As a result, we are making arrangements with an online print-on-demand service, where our readers can request a printed copy of any future issue of the magazine for shipping to a designated address. This is a good way to continue your own collection of Cryonics Magazine or affordably inform others about Alcor. Whether you want a single copy or multiple copies, we encourage you to use the print-on-demand option, when it becomes available. Each issue will only cost $9.95 plus shipping.

To view the 1st and 2nd quarter 2010 issue of Cryonics Magazine, and all past issues, simply go to:

In the coming weeks, we will announce instructions regarding how to request printed copies of Cryonics Magazine, whether for yourself, your friends, or a family member. If you have any questions, simply call us at the below toll-free number:

D’Bora Tarrant, Front Office Administrator
877-462-5267 x 101