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Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the 7th Alcor Conference October 5-7, 2007, and discover the world’s leader in the most ambitious life extension endeavor ever: CRYONICS.

Don’t miss this weekend of presentations about the cryopreservation process, the possibility of repairing cryopreserved individuals, and how present day technology and research are moving the industry forward. A compelling speaker lineup highlights the rich history of the cryonics industry, addresses religious and ethical considerations, and offers expert answers to your common questions.

Possibilities for living longer will also be explored. Ever wonder whether regenerative medicine developed from stem cell technology can stop age-related diseases? Find out from Dr. Michael West of Advanced Cell Technology, a leading biotechnology firm making headlines around the world. Plus, gain inside information about the human aging experiment conducted at the Kronos Science Laboratory.

Registration includes all meals, a tour of the Alcor Foundation, and opportunities to make lasting friendships with Alcor members, supporters and staff. The next Alcor conference will not be until 2009, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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Program Covers These Topics:
Steve Bridge – Why We Are Here and Where We Are Going
Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. – Is it Politically Safe for a Biologist to Support Cryonics Publicly?
Steven Harris, M.D. – Rapid Hypothermia Induction Methods and Brain Oxygen Requirements in Resuscitation and Cryonics
Chris Heward, Ph.D. – The Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study: The Measurement of Human Aging
Calvin Mercer, Ph.D. – Cryonics and Religion: Friends or Foes?
Ralph Merkle, Ph.D. – Molecular Nanotechnology and the Repair of Cryopreserved Patients
Christine Peterson – Life Extension: Good News, Bad News, Surprising News
Michael West, Ph.D. – Immortal Cells: The Prospect of Regenerative Medicine
Brian Wowk, Ph.D. – Common Questions about Cryobiology and Cryonics
David Crippen, M.D., Tanya Jones, Leslie Whetstine, Ph.D., Aschwin de Wolf – Human Cryopreservation and Critical Care Medicine Panel

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