The next Northern California Alcor meeting is Sunday, April 13, 4pm at the small clubhouse of Cypress Point Lakes Condominiums, 505 Cypress Point Dr, Mtn View.

If you want to join in the potluck, please bring some food to share, the popular potluck rule of thumb is “bring about as much food as you would care to eat were you by yourself”.

For detailed directions please click on the the link below:

Directions:  get on the Cypress Point Drive in Mountain View, and immediately turn right where it says “217-278 505 Cypress Point Dr”.  You will be in a long parking lot.  Keep going about 0.1 of a mile and you will see a laundry room and a recycling station on your left.  You can park anywhere it does not say “Reserved”.  Behind the laundry room, there will be a gate.  Call me on my cell phone (408)431-3786 and I will let you in;  or, you can e-mail me ahead of time mark_galeck at your arriving time and I will wait for you at the gate, but in that case please be accurate, within say, 2 minutes of your announced time.