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Southern California Cryofeast

It’s time for the annual Cryofeast holiday party hosted by Kat Cotter and Dave Kekich, however this year they’re actually holding it a century from now in another part of the galaxy. But don’t worry, they have a way to get your there. For those who don’t know, Dave has been building a rudimentary time machine- it can’t take them everywhere (yet) but they’ve found they can use it as a portal to transport us to about 100 years ahead. So they’re setting it for December 5, 2115 and the destination is the Star Wars Cantina (which you may remember from one of the Star Wars movies). So when you arrive at the clubhouse an android will escort you through the portal and they’ll be waiting for you there!

And since they’re heading into the future, they thought it would be fun to dress the part so this year’s annual holiday party will be a futuristic costume ball!

Costumes aren’t required, but if you wear a costume it can be anything from funky to futuristic. Think the Singularity, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Transformers, AI, robotics, cryonics, the Matrix, Terminator, the Jetsons, Alien, Interstellar, Back to the Future, Close Encounters, Avatar, etc.

This will be a potluck so please bring along some (healthy) party food and something you like to drink. They hope you can make it- the future won’t be as much fun without you!

Please email Kat at with your RSVP.

DATE: Saturday, December 5, 2015
TIME: 6:00-10:00 PM
WHERE: The Clubhouse at 5100 Colony Plaza
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Remember, costumes are optional but please bring a dish and something you’d like to drink.

First cryonaut, is now the longest-surviving human being ever

Jeanne Calment is listed as the longest-living (verified) human being in history. She was born on February 21, 1875 and died on 4 August 1997, at the age of 122 years, 164 days (or 44,724 days). Now that record has been surpassed – if cryopreservation works as a means of extending his life. Dr. James Bedford, who is maintained along with other cryopreserved patients at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, was born April 20, 1893. On October 3, 2015, his age in days equaled 44,725 – and we are still counting, of course!

It is true that Bedford is not currently, legally alive. But neither is he known to be dead. When Alcor transferred him from an old, customized vessel back in 1991, it was clear that the original ice cubes were intact. We have no good information on the quality of his ultrastructural preservation. But we can say that he has remained cryopreserved since the day of his cardiac arrest in 1967, and so deserves the title of LONGEST-SURVIVING HUMAN BEING IN HISTORY!