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40 Scholarships Available to Teens & Twenties 6 2015

Written by Cairn Erfreuliche Idun

The Sixth Annual Young Cryonocists Gathering

Teens & Twenties 6 2015

Getting to Know You – Getting to Know Each Other

All While Being Updated on the Latest Research

Fri-Sun:  April 24-26, 2015 Las Vegas, NV

Host:  Life Extension Foundation

Greetings to: All Young Cryonicists

Please follow the link to the full Teens & Twenties packet. You will find your scholarship application and schedule.

All attention will be focused on: our getting to know you and you getting to know each other.

PLUS:  An update on the latest emergency response technologies, revival strategies and research.

Who is Eligible?

Fully signed up young cryonicists from all cryonics organizations in their late teens through age thirty (17-30) as of April 10, 2014 – may apply to attend.

Younger Cryonicists With Parent(s) or Guardian – Thirteen through sixteen year olds may attend when accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian.

Parents/guardians of attendees aged 17-19 are also encouraged to accompany their child. All attending parents will be put in touch with each other should they choose to have their own “get together” during the “young cryonicists” gathering. In Vegas, T2’s under 21 are required to room with someone 21+.

Program: Some individuals are social butterflies. This is not so for everyone and we want everyone to meet everyoneTherefore, I have designed a diverse range of “getting to know you” activities. If you would enjoy participating in these various getting acquainted activities while being updated on the latest research, then this is for you.


Life Extension Foundation, through a generous education grant, is offering 40  scholarships that pay for ALL of the following:

  • U.S. airfare to/from Las Vegas (or up to $1000 for origin outside the U.S.; $1350 for Australia)
  • Hotel accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights (plus Thursday and Sunday for 2T’s who room together)
  • Meals and beverages on Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday breakfast and lunch
  • Registration fee – $350 – also covered

Please click on this website for a full packet with details & applications

Cairn Erfreuliche Idun
Founder/Director: T2

P.S.  Come early. Stay late.

Some attendees to T2 enjoy spending extra time in Las Vegas – especially since their flight is already paid for via their scholarship. This is at their own expense for additional lodging and food.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Alcor’s website: A new look

Alcor’s website has a new look!

We wanted to bring the appearance of up to date and make it more appealing. We also wanted to improve engagement with visitors. After a lot of work on the revision by John Bevens and his colleagues at Media Architects, with lots of input from me, and additional input from staff and website volunteers, the site is now public. Please take a look (and let us know if anything seems not to work).

This revision is a major cosmetic facelift. We will follow up with significant changes to the content, designed to help visitors find the information most important to them. We have also added a chat function. In just the first couple of days, this is proving to be a valuable tool for engaging website visitors and answering their questions. Take a look!

–Max More

Ettinger Award given to Saul Kent

The German Society of Applied Biostasis (DGAB) voted to bestow the Ettinger Award on Alcor director Saul Kent in recognition of his long-standing and unwavering commitment to and support of cryonics. The Award is given for outstanding achievements in cryonics and was previously bestowed on Robert Ettinger in 2010. I think the German group made an excellent and well-deserved choice.