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Alcor’s 121st Patient

Larry Sharp, member A-1117, was declared legally dead early on January 9, 2014. A neuro member, Larry arrived at Alcor that afternoon. Larry is a long-time Alcor member who some of us remember well from meetings in Southern California in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Alcor’s 119th Patient

A-2030, a confidential 91-year old whole body member, was declared legally dead on November 22, 2013, and arrived at Alcor at 12:08pm the next day. Suspended Animation took charge of the case on Wednesday November 20 and dispatched a team to the patient’s location on the East Coast. A relative of the patient paid for a private plane, enabling SA to fly A-2030 to Scottsdale Airport, which is about a two-minute drive from Alcor.

This case provides yet another illustration of the uncertainty over the timing of a patient’s final decline. Very early on November 21, the patient’s doctor said that the patient was not in immediate danger. However, the patient declined overnight, was intubated in the ICU in the morning, and pronounced later that day.