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Cryonics May-June 2012

The May-June issue of Cryonics magazine feature, “The Allocation of Long Term Care Costs at Alcor” by Board member Ralph Merkle presents a conceptual and quantitative analysis of the allocation of storage costs between neuro and whole body patients. 

Most Alcor members are aware that long term care costs for neuro patients are lower than for whole body patients but how are these number exactly derived and is the current allocation fair? This extensive article also includes new photos of the Alcor patient care bay, dewars and patient enclosures. The online version of this issue will be available on the Alcor website early June.

New Annual Giving Program

Alcor has always relied on the generosity of members like you to achieve its goals. Your charitable donation to the Annual Giving Program, in any amount, will help keep Alcor positioned as the world leader in cryonics services.

 What size donation is appropriate? Any gift, no matter how small, plays an important part in maintaining Alcor. We encourage all members to participate; small donations can often mean a big difference in what we can accomplish. You also have the option of splitting your gift into easy monthly payments to fit your budget. If you have questions or would like more information on this project, email Lisa Shock at

Transport and Readiness Report

Case Report for A-1002
The case report for Alcor founder Fred Chamberlain A-1002 has been completed and published to Alcor’s website at: 

Training-Southern California
A training session for the Southern California response team is being planned for the month of June at the Critical Care Research facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This will be a one day refresher for volunteers in that vicinity, many of whom may not have been on a case in a while. This training session is scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2012. Please email Aaron Drake to register and for detailed information.

As there has been a large turnover in employees at the Riverside Resort in Laughlin, Nevada over the past couple of years, their management has requested a training session so that there will be adequate coverage in the event of an emergency. This will be a full two-day event that includes all aspects of the stabilization process from cryonics theory to practical application to an in-house scenario that involves the entire hotel security team. This training session is for current Laughlin team members only.

Medical Response Director, Aaron Drake 
As a part of the required paramedic refresher training, Aaron Drake will be certified as a CPR, AED, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens instructor. This will lead to all staff members having the opportunity to renew their CPR certification and review use the in-house AED. This will be beneficial not only in the event of an employee medical emergency, but also for the general public and members who visit and/or tour the Alcor facility.